Toners, Tonic, and Essence, You need these products in your skincare routine

Anytime it comes down to shopping for beauty products I’m always on the hunt for those products that are worth the money spent. When it’s beauty products that i am buying i do not play, i love a good investment in certain things and beauty is one of them.

I love a good drug store product. no judgment here, BUT i love upgrading my skincare routine with some high-end goodies. not just because of their high-end and all luxury looking. it has to work for my skin.

Ole Henriksen Dark Spot Toner

Ole Henriksen Dark spot toner is sooo good, I have used this stuff for nearly about a year now and ya girl needs to get sponsored because this stuff does wonders for me. i have some dark spots on my cheeks and never found anything that I actually saw results while using. Ole Henriksen i saw results literally a month after using it. So i definitely recommend for anyone who has dark spots.

LA MER of course we know that this is like Kim Kardashians favorite skincare line. LA MER is pretty expensive, It really depends on what you are buying because they do have some cleaners that are retailed for only $25 which is very cheap for LA MER. What I bought from them is their Oil Absorbing Tonic I love this using this in the spring/summertime because it gives me such a refreshing feeling in and my pores just seem less visible. This toner is retailed for $95 , not your everyday price for toner but it is definitely worth it.

LA MER Oil Absorbing Tonic

So it actually took me to receive SK-II as a sample from a purchase that i made to actually like this product. I never thought to purchase from them because I just always assumed it was for older more mature women. So not true! This stuff is great and smells so good. I still have not bought the full-size product but i will be soon. What i have is the Facial Treatment Essence. I love using it in the morning when i have a super early morning shift at work. I just feel so good. It gives you that glow appearance without the oiliness.

Facial Treatment Essence

Everyone needs a good Witch Hazel Toner in their skincare cabinet. I love witch hazel, the Thayers is something that i use pretty frequently. It benefits as a great basic to use after a normal wash tone and moisturize type of day, it’s also good for my dark spots as well! I don’t think they actually have their own main website. I purchased mine from target but you can also grab from amazon as well!

Facial Toner Witch Hazel

There you have it! I hope you guys were introduced to some new products you maybe want to try!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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