Top 5 Favorite Brands to shop denim and worth the price

I don’t know about you guys but i love a good pair of denim. Whether its spring, summer, fall, or winter – denim is always and forever here in style. I wanted to share with you guys today my top 5 in denim brands that i love to shop. I know sometimes when buying them it can be expensive but guys… it is 2020 at this point if you’re not understanding quality over quantity then…..It’s time to make some changes!

I have always been a fan of denim that fits nice and structured on my body but not too rough. I’m more of a light wash Boot cut, straight leg, or boyfriend jeans type of girl. and i love a good ripped jean! Who agrees?

So lets get into the places I shop my jeans. I will also link some of the places of jeans that i have recently purchased that are currently in stock.

Here i have 4 pairs of jeans that I absolutely love two pair that I have in this photo here are no longer in stock (purchased a while ago) but there’s another two pair that are in stock on the retailers website.

Uraban Outfitters

One of my FAVORITE places to shop for denim. I love the BDG collection. I always find a nice pair and they last forever. these are such a good pair of quality jeans. but the whole BDG collection in Urban Outfitters I absolutely love. their prices do range but typically stay within $60-$100 plus. But I promise it is all worth it. these pairs shown here are priced at $64 dollars so its not a bad price for a good pair of high-quality denim.


I love a good pair of jeans from Zara. Especially these. A cute pair of jeans with distressed rips in the knee – I love. just the right price and have the most comfortable fit for them. Now, this may be a debating topic because I have heard that people say their jeans run small. But I have not experienced that issue just yet and it’s been a few years of me wearing their jeans. I’m a solid size 8 in jeans/denim so I usually don’t have that difficult of a time finding that perfect fit, but Zara definitely satisfies me in the denim section. Their prices are very inexpensive also! These that I have purchased here were $39.99, not bad at all!

Anthropologie & Free People

Both brands have absolutely the most amazing quality denim ever! I really admire the stitching and the fit. They also have cute boho styles with fun prints. Anthropologie and Free people I always think are like sister brands because the clothing is just so similar and the vibe they have. They are up there in prices but it’s definitely worth the coins being spent. Also, side note. I am a little hippy just a tiny bit and some would judge that neither Anthropologie or Free people cater to that but they do! and right now Anthropologie has a sale on their bottoms $78 and under for the weekend only! that’s a great deal.


The lucky brand has been around for YEARS! and a quick fun fact – I used to work for them. So if your curious I know a lot about their jeans and styles. They cater to all sizes and are so detailed with their styles for different body types I absolutely love it. Their prices run differently from high to low.

There you have! Now these are brands that I reccomend you shop. I shop on all of these sites faithfully and love to share my reviews. if you make a purchase from any of the sites linked follow me on Instagram and tag me! i would love to share it and see you guys looking fantastic in your new denim pick-ups!

until next time! thanks for reading.



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