In need of good loungewear sites? Click here!

I think it is safe to say by now, that we are all loving are loungewear clothing. Especially while working at home. I have never been the type of girl to always want to be in loungewear but needless to say I’ve found a new love for it. So of course we want to be cute and cozy right? Well if you are having a hard time finding comfortable looks that are still effortlessly flattering than I can change that! I’m sharing with you guys my favorite websites to shop cozy cute looks!

So the first website is going to be LOFT . I love shopping at loft for two reasons: business clothes, and loungewear. They have the best sweaters that are so cozy and super lightweight. You ever want to wear like a cute light weight sweater but in spring or summer? Sometimes those are hard to come by. but not for loft because they are always available. And they are also very true to size. I don’t know about you guys but when I’m hanging around the house whatever I’m wearing is oversized and breathable it’s just more comfortable that way.

One of my favorite sites on this entire planet. ZARA is honestly just a store sent from heaven. Lol. I love how versatile Zara is. I feel like they always have what I’m looking for. Zara has some of the most comfortable pants. I usually always get their sweatpants because they are very stylish and can go with however you plan to dress them up or down.

If you guys haven’t heard of LULUS you have to head over to their website like now..So many loungewear looks it makes no sense. I’m absolutely obsessed with their off the shoulder ‘Cozy days’ sweaters. They have a fabulous texture and feel to the skin. And they have a wide variety of options. Also with an actual loungewear section on their website which will make it easier for their customers to find options better on what they want.

EXPRESS believe it or not they have such a great quality of your needed loungewear looks. They are really good for having cozy looks that are super cute. Considering that they are somewhat of a dressy store their loungewear looks take up for that as well. I have only purchased about a total of 5 loungewear looks from here and I’m always satisfied. Their variety is not as big as some of the others but they have great stuff and you guys should totally check them out.

And last but not least PRETTYLITTLETHING PLT as most of us know they are definitely good for a quick buy when you need that perfect vacation outfit or when you want to update your wardrobe on a few trendy pieces at a reasonable price. We know they got us all covered. But my favorite thing about prettylittlething is that they keep up with absolutely everything. Especially loungewear looks. And their lounge looks always come to be comfortable but still serve! They have really cozy sweatsuits, long knitted cardigan sets and more. If you are looking too go haywire for reasonable prices with good quality i do recommend.

If you are someone who just truly enjoys getting dressed for the fierce every day let me tell you I couldn’t agree with you anymore! Lol. But I hope this helps out with those who really enjoy looking good enough for themselves while being home. All the sites listed here i have shopped and have liked every single piece purchased.

I hope you all enjoyed todays blogpost. Be safe and have a fabulous day!

Xx, loreanstyles

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