Tips on upgrading your wardrobe.

Okay you guys this is not just your average Spring cleaning It’s definitely more than that. I have always been very precise when it comes to my closet, I consider my closet my magic place because as dramatic as this sounds it holds all the things i need that make me glamorous. Whenever we get dressed you ever realize how if everything is clean – your outfit and all just seems to be more put together right, Well that is why I decided to chat with you guys about keeping a clean and open space with our wardrobe and closet. Upgrading your wardrobe can mean a lot in different ways but its not that simple because when we are changing up our wardrobe we have to get rid of stuff and that is one thing I think we all sometimes have an issue with.

I’m going to share with you guys a few tips on what i think is the best way to upgrade your wardrobe are you ready? – okay let’s do it!

No more clutter

Okay lets just be honest most of us are extremely guilty of having a cluttered closet, everything is everywhere and we have no desire of throwing anything out lol. Believe me I totally get it. I’m 22 years old and feel the need to think that my leather skirt from junior high school will always fit. When we update our closets and clean it frequently we’re giving our clothes more time to last. My mom always said the more clutter in your closet the more dust it collects – dust on my clothes? That’s a no-no. So basically out with the old and in with the new should be the motto when revamping and upgrading that wardrobe.

Color coordinating

Color coordination is so important when upgrading the wardrobe. I find this tip to be the most helpful because when organized you can see more of what you have and can find outfits way easier. Organization is key and we all know that. It just saves you a lot more time and frustration. Outfits come out a lot better too.

Basics are forever

No wardrobe is ever complete without your well needed basic pieces and neutrals, I’m sharing this because i used to never think it was that important to own basic pieces in your closet because their was a point where i thought trendy pieces only and that is so not true. having basics it makes your wardrobe look more balanced. And that’s honestly the best way to put it. Very versatile with style and will always come in handy.

Luxury pieces

Something that can make your wardrobe look polished! A few luxury items are always fun to have. I have a few myself and when you make them the main theme of your wardrobe it gives it a little more excitement. And i love that. But keep this in mind, even if you don’t have those luxury items yet ( because trust me there’s a lot I’m waiting to get my hands on) your closet can still be very well polished!

Hope you all gained some great ideas and tips on updating your wardrobe! Hopefully this will help anyone who’s in the process of making changes.

Thanks for reading !


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