Working from home? Here’s what to do.

Just yesterday i recently found out that i will be starting to work from home in a few days. I’m not really sure how to feel about it because I’ve never worked from home with any job i’ve ever had. so this will be interesting. But i do want to share with you guys my tips on what i discovered will help me with making this my new norm for a few weeks or maybe months. I know we are all freaking out over making these changes our new reality but just remember it is only temporary and I’m using this time to see how i can not only improve myself as a person but how i can improve my work ethic, my business, and more! Let’s try and look at this on the positive side!

Now i’m not totally blind to the fact of what it is like working from home. Considering being a blogger- of course i work on that from home or in cute coffee shops, but because this is my main job at the moment it’ll be pretty different. I Work as a CSR (Customer service specialist) for a bank and our dress code is business/business casual. So office appropriate and flattering.

To make sure i do my job to the best of my ability I will be dressing up as if I’m actually leaving the house to work. Just to keep my mind in the mindset of business and knowing that I’m still at work even though its from home. I’m sure it will be pretty tempting to just work in Pj’s and my robe but getting ready for the day will be my motto for the ‘working from home life’.

Prepping myself with a nice cup of coffee and a quiet space. Luckily for me in my apartment i have a two bedroom. The spare bedroom that i have is setup as my office space so that is where I will be taking advantage of doing my work. Having that peace and quiet will limit any distractions for me. Having my cup of coffee will keep me motivated and energized because i will most definitely need it lol.

I feel like for most people who actually enjoy working out of home it has been hard for them to adjust if changes have applied to them, so its very important to try and prep yourself to stay in work mode while working at home, it is still your job and you don’t want to loose it lol.

There you have it stylebabes! This is how i am prepping myself to start woking from home. Making it my new thing and staying focused and remaining positive. If you guys would like for me to give you updates and post every day showing what I’m wearing and how it’s all working out for me – then let me know! Comment here or head over to my instagram and share! Thanks for reading. Stay safe and healthy loves!

Xx, loreanstyles

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