High-End Spring wish list 2020

Spring is less than just a week away and I’m so ready for sunny mornings and long sunsets. over the past few days i have been doing some high-end cyber shopping looking at all the new arrivals from some of my most favorite designers. Even a new designer that i am currently obsessed with. I wanted to share with you guys my wish-list for this spring and even summer.

GG Supreme case
GG Supreme case
Currently available online

I feel like every year around spring time I always end up buying myself at least ONE high-end designer piece and they are always a good investment that I sometimes end up using all year round. For example I bought my first Gucci supreme cardholder case that I use for my I.D and bank cards. it retailed for $200 ; Best luxury investment yet because still to this day i use it on a regular. And its very aesthetically pleasing in my photos and in real life.

So let’s get to the wish-list shall we!

Bottega Venetta
Currently available online

First thing on my wishlist are the Bottega Venetta sandals that are just taking over social media right now. These are the hottest sandals out yet ; if you ask me they are absolutely perfect! They come in so many range of colors but the neutral colors are just perfect. I feel like bottega is gonna run all fashion and style this summer in 2020 , just like Jacquemus totally took over summer 2019. But these are definitely gonna have to get in my closet asap. Along with that the bottega Venetta stretch pumps, I adore. I think what makes me like these so much is the detail in the heels plus I love the chain attached.
Bottega Venetta Stretch pumps
Currently available online

Louis Vuitton LV Hoops
Currently available online

So if you don’t know by now i am and will always be a Louis Vuitton type of girl. So classy and is one of my top 5 favorite designer brands. I am absolutely obsessed with Louis Vuitton jewelry. I think they are all timeless jewelry and pieces that you can value forever. I love the earrings and necklace Because they give me such spring vibes. Especially the earrings. And a Fashion Blogger Monroe Steele wore them for fashion week this year recently and I just fell in love. So I quickly added both jewelry pieces, earrings and necklace to my wishlist.
Louis Vuitton LV pendant necklace
Currently available online

GG Marmont mini
Currently available online

Next i added this to my wishlist because i am very in love with this handbag. I love the iconic Gucci symbols all over and the heavy gold chain handle. Gucci bags always give me two types of feels and that’s fall or spring! I love their handbags and I feel like those two seasons are their best performance in new arrivals. This mini handbag is pretty pricey but in my opinion definitely worth it.

Traveler Tote Bag
Currently available online

Marc Jacobs has always been a favorite of mine ever since i was a teenager, I love prices because they are very luxury yes; but they always know how to bring the prices down on certain items and always has a good deal on the website. I added Marc Jacobs new traveler tote bag to my wishlist because its super cute and I will be traveling a lot this spring. I figured why not add this to the wishlist and buy it soon for my travels! Plus we all want to look somewhat stylish in the airport right?

Telfar large handbag
*Sells fast*
Currently available online

Okay so.. confession time: I have never heard of the designer brand Telfar until about 3 weeks ago. My good friend introduced to me the website and i totally fell for the designs of the bags, i love the logo and just how sleek the bag looks. When it comes to where i want to wear big purses i like for them to be nicely designed and eye catching. Big bags in my opinion can be tacky unless they are a good brand with great quality. But I absolutely love this purse and the prices are actually very reasonable! You guys have to check this designer brand out if you have not already. You’ll be catching me with this bag soon!

Schutz Maryana Boot
Currently available online

And last but not least, what’s a good spring season without a classic white boot? Nothing! Can we agree that we all need a good quality white boot? Can we also agree it is totally necessary to spend a little investment in a good pair? Because i think this should not be debatable! I love these crocodile style leather styled boots. So cute and chic! I have always wanted to attend Coachella and never got the chance too but these give me Coachella vibes all the way, and I absolutely love them.

And there you guys have it! My wishlist for this spring 2020. I will definitely be sure to keep you guys updated on if I purchase something or not. So be on the look out for that. Share with we what your spring wishlist is. I would love to see everyone’s different sense in style!

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