Tips on staying connected and busy

When it comes to fashion and wanting to work in the fashion industry; or even be your own boss in the fashion industry you automatically think its glitz and glam right? – well it is. BUT what do you think comes with all that behind closed doors. An enormous amount of dedication.

I always thought before blogging that it was just gonna be me writing about fashion and that was it, for some people it is that way, but if you’re someone like me wanting to make a career for yourself or at least using it as a boost to your career so much more can come with that. So i thought for this week I would share with guys my tips on how to stay connected and busy full-time. If you read my previous post then you know that I clearly took a break for a minute, and a lot of people were asking me how was it not blogging for so long. I simply answered them that the only thing different was me not posting. But work was still in play. So here are a few tips on how i stay busy and connected no matter the time I’m taking off.

Pretty little thing / boohoo / H&M / Windsor


1. Always follow through.

2. Kill procrastination.

3. Use a planner.

4. Network when you have the opportunity

5.Don’t cancel your plans that involve bettering your work.

6. Stay motivated

7. Stay consistent

I know some of these tips here are a tad bit cliche but hopefully it’ll help you or those who are in need of knowing how to make their self and or business thrive just from doing those seven things. A lot of people who have blogs and do other things that require a schedule know that it can be hectic sometimes. You want to take the time out to relax but you never wanna miss a beat. That is why staying connected is so important. of course I don’t like burning myself out and I highly recommend you don’t either, but remember it’s 2020 and let’s put it this way ; what’s a bomb outfit without a boss wearing it? Just always keep that in mind.

Thanks for stopping by this weeks Blogpost style babes. Stay busy and stay connected!

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Your new favorite fashion/beauty/lifestyle social media influence. I created this site/blog to share my love for the fashion industry and to conquer all that i'm coming for in the business! i want to be able to create , gain , and experience. I hope you guys enjoy my taste in fashion and my taste in lifestyle! let's get on a roll.

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