Winter Beauty Essentials

Hey style babes , Welcome to loreanstyles if you are a newbie! I have been getting my beauty cabinet ready for new products that will benefit my skin for this fall/winter. All products are on my list for future purchases that are a NEED in my life. If you are a beauty Queen and have tried some of these products already the be sure to share in the comments your pros and cons!


When it gets down to cold weather it is a must that you keep your body moisturized at all times. And if your someone like me who likes to have that moisture but not be oily, than this is for you. Now I already have this lotion and I’m obviously obsessed..I feel like i need another bottle to add in the winter beauty collection, lol. I use a lot of Neutrogena skincare and body care products and I’m always satisfied. If you have dry skin this is also a great lotion for you!


This new Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette is on my list of purchases for sure. I know you may thinking what does this have to do with winter beauty essentials- well for me i love a good nude eyeshadow Palette for winter more cool neutral colors always give me Fall/Winter vibes. Am I wrong? Lol, I am very into soft colors. It is my go-to for this time around.


This brush is an all time need for me. I have never realized how important it is to own one of the until I actually had one. Besides all the other good stuff our back is the most important part to wash when we are showering, dead skin can build up and if you are someone who has dealt with or still dealing with eczema than you know how real it can get. I haven’t tried this brush but by the reviews and how its made specifically for dry skin, it’s definitely on my future purchase list.


Kiehl’s for me just never fails. I love how all there product will show you the exact result you’re looking for. I’m not sure if this lip mask is new but I definitely want to give it a try because a lip mask always does justice for me and i know one by kiehl’s will get the job done. Plus! Have to keep those lips moisturized in the winter.


Just by the name i feel like my hands would be softer than a baby’s butt! Hand creams are literally always in my purse i have to make sure my hands are not out here looking ashy. And i feel like it’s easy for us to forget about our hands because we are more focused on our problem areas, but your hands get dry to guys! Especially during the cold season.


Who would have known e.l.f would be stepping on people’s necks!! They have really stepped it up with their skincare , and i only say that because my skin is extremely sensitive so when i used their products and seen improvement in my skin i was shook. For the winter i like to keep a set that is dedicated just to hydration because yes my face gets a little dry! So i am very interested in the jet set hydration pack from e.l.f


Olay is so old school for me! And they have came a long way. It’s helped my skin come a long way as well. And I love the whole Regenerist collection it’s my favorite. This works specifically on hydration as well with vitamin B3 which helps keep the hydration for 24 hours.

Thank you so much for checking out today’s blogpost! Chat in with me and share if anything listed here is your favorite!

Thanks for stopping by style babes, Xo

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