OOTD- Sunday vibes

Hi style babes, Hope you all are having a wonderful day. Starting today’s blogpost with your Cliche ‘outfit of the day’ post. I love a good picture showing off an outfit but nothing is better than going into detail of what your wearing and how your wearing it. and that’s what we’ll be doing every Sunday here on loreanstyles! So if your like me and you love good looks with detail than keep reading! I will also guide you guys the links to anything I’m wearing!

These are the BDG mid-rise jean. I am so obsessed with these jeans. First of all I already love BDG for their jeans. They fit perfect to figure and hug your hips perfectly. I always get a good wear out of these. I always go for a light wash denim i love how versatile it can be with different outfits. It just brings more character to your look(s) , Now typically I’m always in a pair of heels but I thought i could switch it up and wear my Dr.martens.

You can purchase a classic chic pair of Dr.martens on their website. I’ve had these for so long and they are a true classic. If anything they made my outfit look very chic and sleek. Plus if you need an everyday pair of boots for fall/winter these are definitely your go-to.

Let me know what you guys think of this Sunday’s OOTD , I would love to hear your thoughts. I will be sharing every Sunday my OOTD and i know you guys will love it! Make sure you click on the pictures provided so that you can make your purchase!

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