Gaining control of your life

Greetings style babes! Welcome back to loreanstyles!

So as you guys may know it has been a minute since i have been active on here and social media period. But instead of doing instagram story rants I figured this would be a perfect topic to share with you guys most importantly on here. Considering loreanstyles is not just Fashion and Beauty but she’s also very human and goes through things in life! Just like everyone else.

Over the past few weeks i have went through a few troubles within myself. From relationships to finances and finding time for me. Sometimes there is a point in life where you find yourself looking around to point the finger and blame someone else for your mistakes or your reason for being mad at the world. When in reality the problem is YOU. It is so easy pointing the finger and to blame others for your anger but with doing that you have absolutely no control of your life, It will affect everything from your daily routines, work, family, friendships, and even possible opportunities. It is really important to have control of yourself and not others. We all have our own life that God Has blessed us with, but you cannot live it accordingly if you are going to be bitter and never accept your wrong doings or own up to anything.

People will notice when you are in control of yourself and your life. As long as you gain that access to your inner self and start opening the doors to your true self all things will fall into place.

Here are a few tips for getting a hold of that control:

  1. GOD. Listen to him. Talk to him. Ask him for reassurance in your decision making.
  2. Owning up to your mistakes.
  3. Gathering self acceptance
  4. Accepting who you are
  5. Love yourself.

That’s it my loves! I hope today’s message inspired you to be your but also Check yourself when needed and remind that YOU are in control. Until next time!

Xoxo, loreanstyles

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Your new favorite fashion/beauty/lifestyle social media influence. I created this site/blog to share my love for the fashion industry and to conquer all that i'm coming for in the business! i want to be able to create , gain , and experience. I hope you guys enjoy my taste in fashion and my taste in lifestyle! let's get on a roll.

One thought on “Gaining control of your life

  1. Absolutely,Absolutely, Absolutely!. Now may I add one thing. But that will be a convo for just yours an mine ears only my love. Have to add how you amaze me daily sweetheart. I will own I may not tell you often as I should. Your the solid gem in my life. My life’s Blessing, always look forward never forget where your started stay always humble my pig. I’m always near not to far away.


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