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Greetings babes! And welcome back to Loreanstyles. Over the past month, I have been testing out a new skincare routine and brand to add to my daily skincare routines. I am pretty impressed and would love to introduce you guys to what i have been using recently!

The ordinary is a skincare line, with such humble pricing. Making it easy for people with troubled skin being able to afford the product. Marked with integrity. They offer skincare, Haircare, and more!

Every now and then I’ll tend to have troubles with my skin. And as you guys may know I’m very picky as well. So a close friend of mine is dealing with her own skin troubles and shared their product with me through via text. I was extremely interested and thought I’d give it a try!

It has been a month since I’ve owed The ordinary and I have used it every single day. My skin has done wonders! You can see such a difference especially in my troubled areas like my cheeks because that’s where most of the imperfections are, The ordinary has cleared it up a lot.

Cleanser: Squalane Cleanser

Serum: ”Buffet”

Vitamin C suspension 30% in silicone

*Quick Tip* When you use this product here apply after using Buffet serum and then dilute with an ordinary moisturizer. The vitamin C gives a tingle to the skin especially if you are a new user. So apply a hydrating oil or moisture will tone the tingling down!

Moisturizer: Natural Moisturizing factors

Hydrating Oil: 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

All listed above is what I have currently been using in my routine form! I have more of combination skin type so it works great for me. Although I don’t believe they are meant for a certain skin type considering The ordinary is for All skin types!

The serum is my favorite use, it leaves this cooling feel on my skin and makes my pores look less out there – if that makes any sense!

The really cool thing about this Brand is that for everything on this blogpost I paid a total of $59.80. Not bad at all. Knowing what this has done to my skin in just a month makes me not mind spending anything this stuff!

Thank you guys so much! And I really hope you enjoyed today’s read here on loreanstyles!



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