Every girl needs a favorite perfume

Every once in a while i like to treat myself to a new perfume and add it to my collection. High-end perfumes must I say because they last forever and the smells linger on me all day long.

What’s your favorite perfume to use this summer?

I love smells that linger, are musk, and have a little sweetness too them. A few of the favorites that i enjoy on the regular that I’ll share are Gucci guilty, Gucci envy Me, and Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina.

My favorite perfume to spritz on my skin for the summertime I have to say is Cholé Nomad Eau de Parfum. absolutely my favorite and I have been wearing it all summer long. The smell is appropriate for summer and has such an oak and sweet scent mixed in together. I have the full size and it’s last me a while so far. We’re halfway into summer and it’s still holding up. You only need about 3 spritzes one on the left and right wrist and one behind your neck. That always does the job for me!

If your interested click the photo for the link to this scent. Now I know everyone has their own preferences when to things and when it comes to perfumes we’re all a little picky right? That’s why I always recommend that if you are trying a new perfume always get a travel size. Depending on how much perfume you use travel sizes can last you up to a month of used right! and that’ll help you decided whether or not you enjoy the scent! Cholé Nomad is available in travel size!

That’s it, you guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you found your new favorite perfume? Share with me if you have!

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