Summer wear and bold colors

Styling bold colors are definitely the way to go. It’s so fun and brings so much attention to your style/outfits.

I took the time out to show you guys one of my favorite looks with such a bold touch. My style used to be very mellow and soft in which it still is that way, but I really wanted to touch base with my alter ego and create more exciting looks in my wardrobe. I know there are people out there who rather not wear colors and just stick to neutrals which are fine but if your open to switching it up a bit and giving your outfits some taste, keep reading!

This bright red blazer that I wore is from pretty little thing *link above* I love this blazer it’s super versatile with different looks. It has more of a boyfriend fit so it can look super chic or sexy. This blazer with a red lip, if that doesn’t scream powerful and sexy then I don’t know what to tell you! Such a perfect color to wear in the summertime.

I recently did a video on my YouTube Channel on Zara handbags and mini handbag is included in that. I love the color and it’s so cute and mini. This is the perfect mini shopper bag for simple outfits. And the color-matched with red is totally unmatched. It’s such a good combo.

Video on Zara Handbag Haul (click here)

When your wearing bold colors you want to make sure you have something to make it all mesh and not look too loud, in an obnoxious way.

With it all thrown together, I wore a cheetah print slip dress and added a white graphic t-shirt from H&M to throw on top. This gave the look all types of sass and play. still giving you summer vibes. 

Can’t forget the jewelry. Wearing my signature loreanstyles necklace that was gifted to me and different variety of bronze-gold rings for that street style look.

Hope I Inspired you too add some color to your summer wardrobe!

Xoxo, loreanstyles

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