Five ways to style a simple black dress (chic looks)

I think it is safe to say almost every girl has a little black dress in her closet she owns, I’m one of those girls. And I never seemed to get rid of it and it never comes across my mind to even give it away.

It’s always good to try our best to work with what we have in our closets when it comes to getting dressed. Especially if you’re trying to save money! – I have a lot of clothes I’m gonna be honest, some of them still have tags on them including shoes… every summer, winter, fall, or whatever i always feel like i have to buy a brand new wardrobe for every season. But is that reality for a young 21 years old still working on trying to make it in this thing called life? Not really. I wanted to actually invest more in my time with my closet – meaning instead of running to the mall for a new outfit why not just work with what i have. And that’s what inspired to make this blog post for you all. And that’s where my black dress comes to part.

I put together 5 different looks with this plain black dress. Which technically means i have a total of five outfits! (Money saved already!) and i am absolutely in love with each and every look. so let us see what these outfits with this dress are about.

Outfit #1

Absolutely obsessed with this look very classy and its definitely giving me boss vibes all the way! Besides the dress main accessories are from Zara. Honestly, my favorite place to shop.

Outfit #2

Drinks after work. This look created with the black dress I honestly adore. It compliments my skin complexion and is such a sexy sophisticated attire.

Outfit #3

This look is definitely what i would consider everyday wear. It’s extremely cozy and can even be transitioned into a beach look if you throw on a pair of sandals.

Outfit #4

Sassy girl vibes! I love how i added this t-shirt with the dress, its a very diverse look. As in it can be worn in multiple settings and you still be dressed the part!

Outfit #5

And last but not least! With the black dress, i wanted to add something simple and chill. So I just wore the black dress and threw on a black denim jacket and these really cute slides from Zara! And with the statement bag, i think it all really came together.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! And i hope I inspired you to go in that closet and get creative! You never know what you can throw together!

Thanks for all support my loves!

Xoxo – loreanstyles

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