Top 5 beauty products you will need this summer

Dear summer, I will rule you with fabulous skin.

Is it safe to say that most of us would rather go most days in the summer with no makeup? I love makeup and love wearing it but on some hot summer days, you can forget it. the best days to glow is when the sun is out, and who wouldn’t want to glow with clear skin and makeup free.

Here, we have five skincare products that I am absolutely obsessed with and they are perfect to use in the summer. We all need a little glow mixed with SPF in the summertime!

$36 Available at

Vitamin C infused – this moisturizing primer is seriously golden, a primer that can be used under your make-up that will give you an amazing glow, also can just be used as a moisturizer for the day that carries illumination. Very reasonable price and is a product that agrees with all skin types. Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination skin.

$25 Available at

Moisturizers that are too heavy can sometimes be too much and for people who already have super oily skin, it can sometimes cause the pores to become clogged. This cleanser and water-based cream are both fantastic and leave you with such a lightweight feeling after your skincare routine. This here is the travel-sized kit, in case it’s something new for you to try you can sample it first with the travel size and then go bigger if it works best for you!

$38.99 Available at

I swear by this stuff. Olay’s luminous whip cream is one of the best moisturizers with SPF. And by luminous, the glow this cream gives is heaven sent, which is why i love using this stuff as my base of the day on my face with no other products (meaning no makeup). Fabulous use for summer.

$39 Available at

I was a bit skeptical trying this stuff because my skin can tend to be sensitive sometimes especially with certain infused scents like fruity smells. When I finally gave the product a chance – you never know until you try. It turned out I ended up loving this stuff. Extremely moisturizing and also very lightweight. This stuff smells so good, and by the name of the product, it’s definitely a win for glowing skin.

$45 Available at

Same brand different product. The amount of usage you get in this jar is outrageous. I love a good sleeping mask especially one that’s not too sticky and won’t stain your pillows. You automatically wake up seeing a difference in your skin, using this your face can never be dull waking up in the mornings. My secret – before using the face mask after I wash my face i follow with using the watermelon moisturizer and then apply my mask. It’s not over barring on the skin and the glow is just as beautiful with end results. Great buy!

And there you have it! My TOP five skincare beauty products that are perfect for the summer! Get with it and get you some, can’t go this summer with dry and dull skin.

Have a fabulous Friday

Xoxo, loreanstyles

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