Becoming a Full-time Fashion and Beauty Blogger.

If i were to be asked years ago could if i could see myself as an aspiring Fashion Blogger i would say..yes, blogging for me is no longer something that i look at like a hobby anymore. This is something i will soon make a career out of. Something i enjoy doing and couldn’t be any happier with my experiences on my way to where i want to be.

Jumpsuit: H&M $24.99 // Heels: Zara $49.50 // purse: Zara :$30.00

On the outside looking in Fashion Bloggers look so glamorous and everything looks perfect. You see them and automatically assume their life’s are perfect but that’s not always the case and its a lot of money, time, and patience that comes with it all. I still myself have such a long way to go you guys have no clue. I’ve only been doing this for 3 years, this year will mark 4 years of blogging. And I wouldn’t trade any of the hard work for anything. There are so many different types of bloggers out in this world aside from fashion bloggers you have Travel bloggers, Food junkie bloggers, DIY bloggers, etc . And no matter what category it is we all work extremely hard. But because i have my experience more with Fashion and what I list myself as is a Fashion blogger its pretty tough.

You deal with trying to make your blog and your fashion stand out more . and you have to find out what makes you, your content, and your blog most unique. Not judging or trying to be problematic but these brands will most likely only work with girls who are a size 2 with a butt the size of a basketball, and that’s okay! But every person who has good work and has the proof to show for it deserve a chance! With loreanstyles my goal is to tackle every field I’ve always wanted to in the fashion community and hold events for young fashion bloggers are who are really putting in work and really have a love for fashion not just the check they receive from companies/brands. So is it worth it? Yes it is because loreanstyles is going to go so far you wouldn’t even believe it. Aside from the tough part of it all it’s extremely fun i must say! Attending events, hosting events, fashion week, personal invites and working with amazing brands! The support and all that good stuff. I’m still in route with working my way up to getting special invites and making pr lists and more!

If your someone who really has a love for fashion and you would love to share your thoughts, outfits, places you shop, doing reviews on clothing etc . Go for it and make that new website or video! You never know what God may bring your way.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week and catch you guys soon!



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Your new favorite fashion/beauty/lifestyle social media influence. I created this site/blog to share my love for the fashion industry and to conquer all that i'm coming for in the business! i want to be able to create , gain , and experience. I hope you guys enjoy my taste in fashion and my taste in lifestyle! let's get on a roll.

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