5 Wardrobe Spring Essentials I Can’t live without

Hello everyone and happy Memorial Day.

I hope you all are having/had a fabulous 3-day weekend! Back to reality tomorrow. But to end this day on a good note let’s add Fashion to it shall we?

We shall-

Over that last few weeks, I have been really into limiting my closet to things and just getting rid of the stuff I knew i would not wear anymore. But as i was cleaning and organizing I realized more about the idea of “Wardrobe Essentials” almost everyone has those certain items in their closets that they simply just can’t live without. Favorite hat, scarf, bracelet, heels, sneakers, etc. I’m that girl that for a fact has a few items that i can’t live without – or get rid of and probably never will!

Spring is my favorite season besides fall. I love spring because it’s not too hot or cold. It’s right smack in the middle with the perfect amount of sun! Last spring I was really into oversized lightweight cardigans. Now I’m really into blazers, literally all kinds of blazers are my go-to and its turned into an all year round thing for me. I think the trend for blazers has definitely caught many peoples attention. They’re very on trend more than ever. Which is why blazers are a piece out of my closet that i will never get rid of.

Adding on to that my next wardrobe Essential that will never leave my sight is a good plain white t-shirt. The fact that you can wear a white T in over 50 different ways should tell you why I simply cannot live without one. I have at least over 10 white T-shirts now that I rotate with different styles and looks.

My next go-to is a great pair of wide leg dress pants. I know this may sound crazy but they are definitely on my list of wardrobe must-haves. I wear them pretty often because i find new ways to style them every they’re worn. So it’s like buying a new pair every time!

What’s a Girl without her statement bag? I will most likely never walk out of the house without a fabulous statement bag on my shoulder. I’m very obsessed my snakeskin print handbag from Zara. I personally think snake prints will stay in style. I’m sure they won’t stay trendy forever but in style yes, which is why I absolutely love my handbag and sometimes wear it too often with almost anything!

And last but not least 5/5 for my spring wardrobe essentials – a rose gold watch, I am super obsessive with my watches! I’m currently in the process of growing my collection. I’m more into High-end watches because I love the structure and sleekness. Fossil watches are one of my favorite brands for watches. They always have great detail.

There you guys have it! 5 current spring wardrobe essentials that I can’t live without! What’s your current favorite item that your most likely never getting rid of or that you consider a wardrobe essential? Share with me!

Thank you guys for all support! and I hope you continue reading upon loreanstyles!

– Xoxo

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