Monday Start – Favorite Morning *AM Products Routine

Hello, and Happy Monday. I hope you beauties are all having a great start to your Monday so far!

As you guys know,

Monday we chat Beauty – great products to use and new products to try out. This Monday I want to show you guys what I personally use to give my skin a kick start to get the day started.

Mondays for me are always my favorite out the week. Of course, we all love Sunday’s. But for me Mondays give me feelings of starting over and making next week a better week. I work extra hard and eat super healthy! – super motivated right? – yeah, I know. so I have a few products that get my skin nice and tight.

Let’s start with the basics.

Face wash:

Cleanser brush:

So when I wash my face in the morning I like for it to feel relaxing and not like I’m just shocking my skin with cold water and product. I use lukewarm water and gently pat my face until satisfied enough to go in with face wash. I am currently using Keihls face wash as my morning use. The product is so smooth on my skin and treats it very delicate while washing

I got this cleanser brush from my local TJ Maxx and have been obsessed ever since. It works great with milky like face-washes! For example my Kiehls face wash! I also have very sensitive skin and this cleanser brush here is very much so dedicated to sensitive skin. The hairs on the brushes are extremely soft.




I love toner. Toner is my favorite part. I feel like it gives me the reassurance that my skin is squeaky clean! The Mario Badescu I love to use as a toner because not only is it refreshing but it really helps smooth out the skin and provides great antioxidant protection.



This Clinique eye cream is absolutely amazing!! This pep-start is literally great and will get those pretty tired eyes right back in shape. Start off with your ring finger and gently pat it under the eyes. This definitely wakes my eyes up for sure. I love it.


Next I like to go in with a serum. I recently have been hooked on this dr. brandt serum. It gives a little tingle and makes the skin feel tightened and smooth. Also is great for making your complexion evener.


Serum # 2:

Yes! I go in with another serum! It’s always good to make sure you’re using a Vitamin C moisturizer/serum/face wash etc. this serum here is very very lightweight and very thin. I only use a tiny amount and just press into my skin. I love it and only use it in the mornings.


Final Touch:

Nothing is better than adding that last spray to your face. Olay came out with these great Olay Mist collection. Here I have the calming spray. I always feel antsy in the morning especially Mondays considering how much I’m on the go! So it’s great to just pause for a minute give my skin a spray and go on my way! Such great hydration.

Each and every one of these products I use every day. Sometimes I’ll switch it up because of how bored your skin can get with some products and its always thirsty for something new. I take skincare a lot more serious than I used to. I go in on my skin night and day. Monday’s I’m just more motivated and more alert with how my skin is holding up! here’s a picture after completing my routine using the products I shared with you guys!

I hope you all enjoyed and are having a blessed day! Love you guys lots!



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