Monday Beauty Ft. Glossier

Hello, everyone happy Monday and welcome back to loreanstyles!

So maybe I’m late on the news of how great of a brand Glossier is selling beauty and skincare products. Recently this week I was in New York City for some business and a little shopping of course. I made my way to stop by the Glossier store to see their products in person and possibly purchase some stuff like a new customer since I’ve never tried their products. the goal with Glossier is to give yourself a skincare beauty routine as to where you can wear your skincare as your makeup and still feel beautiful. I’m very big on skincare brands wanting to make sure their customers feel as beautiful as possible, I think it’s safe to say Glossier gave me that feeling.

What did you buy?

So I ended up walking out with a total of three products and spent roughly about $57 exact. and for all the hype glossier gets on social media that was a great buy!

I bought a Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and their Green Tea face mask. Anytime I can get my hands on a face mask that has anything to do with natural greens, I’m on it.

I am so obsessed with how great this makes my skin feel. Milky Jelly cleanser really leaves my skin feeling super moisturized and hydrated. You know how when you’re washing your hair and it’s time for conditioning which is like the best part because of how soft and smooth it leaves your hair? Well, this cleaner does exactly that; just on your face instead. You can use day and night.

after using your jelly cleanser and it’s time to moisturize you can go in with their priming moisturizer. I love this because it’s almost like a two in one type of product. You can use as a primer for your makeup or simply just as your daily moisturizer.

$57 dollars total! I personally believe this was a great deal. I’ve only used this two times so far so I’m gonna give it a full weeks worth of trying and see how well it leaves my skin feeling. I’m really happy with this purchase.

Glossier has made it to loreanstyles #MondayBeuaty and they have impressed me with their amazing product. Also, you guys have to make your way to their store in New York. the stairs going in are like heaven. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post and I will chat with all again soon!



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