What to do with pieces you never wear.

Hello loves!

You ever find yourself in your closet and your thinking ‘I have nothing to wear’ when in reality you have a crap ton of clothes, its just so many pieces that you never wear. If you do here’s how to solve that problem. I am beyond guilty of buying new clothes or outfits for almost every event I go to and that, of course, adds on so much more craziness to our closets because we eventually get bored with it after like two wears. I have a result to that because I want to show you guys how I make my closet not so boring and make all my clothes worth all the wears I get out of them. Now mind you; all the pieces here that I’m showing I actually have had in my closet for a while and I literally never wear them. They’re cute too, I just never gave them a shot!

So to really help get my styling skills to kick in I use a clothing rack. You can purchase these from Target, Wal-mart, HomeGoods, etc. I grabbed mine from my local target and I spent about $40 dollars total. It’s just perfect to use because you can really get in depth and figure out how to style certain pieces with not being overwhelmed.

Metal Garment Rack- https://www.target.com/p/metal-garment-rack-made-by-design-153/-/A-53162116

So as seen here in the picture I have about seven pieces on the rack. And I created some looks out of each piece. I wanted to make it fun. And actually, put my thoughts on each look to use!

Look #1

“On The Go” I call this look. Super chic and very comfortable. I never really wear sweatshirts so it was a bit difficult for me to style this in the past because I never knew what to wear with it. And to be honest I’m still working on my street-style looks!

– I paired this sweatshirt with a suede moto jacket from Nordstrom Rack. The jacket gave some color to the look. Then to balance it back out I added a crossbody bag from Zara. Absolutely loved this.

Look #2

“Tracee Ellis Ross taught me”

Bold and bright. My good friend/photographer Malik and I had a mini battle over this look! I put it together and he was like “WHAT” but then once he played with it a little bit he then got the vision. Once he shared that this outfit is something Tracee Ellis would wear I was like okay yeah this is it. With his help, he added the green crocodile purse and black boots which was a great addition to this look because of the prints! I really want everyone’s opinion on this one to share your thoughts!

Look #3

“Meeting at 5 drinks at 7”

Love this. Look. So sophisticated yet sexy once you take the jacket off. She’s ready for business and fun! The jacket is from White House Black Market and bodysuit is from Zara.

Look #4 and #5


“Night-out with the girls”

Both of these looks I love. Super fun and very eye-catching. Outfit #4 (left side) I’m super into because its very comfortable and would go so well with a cute pair of backless Sandals with chain details on them. I added a heavy beaded bucket-bag from Zara to complete the look. Next, for outfit #5 (right side), I’m obsessed with. It’s very modern-chic and trendy with the snake-skin ankle heeled boots. I wanted to keep this look dark so I stayed with black and white, no bright colors.

All completed and styled in a total of five different looks! I hope you guys enjoyed these looks, and the message I want to give you from today’s post is to get creative with your style! You’ll see a lot of change within yourself, your style, and those pockets!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog post and I’ll catch you again soon!



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