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Do you ever read your favorite magazine or your favorite book and fall so in love with the cover of it and think to yourself ‘hmm.. I wonder if I could create an outfit out of this’ well you can count me in on that thought. The topic of today’s blog post is creating inspired looks from anything/anyone that inspires you! Whether it’s a magazine, a book, or a celebrity. Maybe I’m the only one who’s ever thought that deep into it but I doubt that.

As most people know Vogue magazine is one of my most favorite magazines in this world. I absolutely love Vogue. I get their magazines sent to my house every month and I’m always up Obsessed with each cover I receive. The most recent issue with PRIYANKA CHOPRA on the cover gave me so much life. I know there’s plenty of amazing magazines covers out there but the color scheme of this issue gravitated towards me. I was brainstorming on what topic I should blog about and simply thought of this idea. I looked over at the magazine and thought to myself I should shop for an outfit that is similar to Vogues new issue. And that’s what I did. It wasn’t that hard considering how toned the colors are. Everything is not exactly spot on as I did not want to copy the outfit I was just more in connection with the colors. Here’s a cool part about all of this, I never knew how exciting it can be shopping for a specific reason and shooting towards a specific goal in which the goal being something to do with vogue, that made it fun for me.

On the cover of the magazine was a section that read “BIG, BOLD FASHION FOR 2019” that statement inspired me to grab this ankle length skirt from H&M. This skirt has lace from the knee to the ankles and then hip down its just sheer black. I felt so fierce in this skirt. It was my favorite piece to put the outfit together with.

I Live in the state of New York so I like to keep bundled up and warm. I wanted to find a nice warm sweater but not you’re average basic. I wanted a sweater that I felt would look good if I were to wear it in Vogues magazine! (Super dramatic) I know but stick with me. I found the cutest sweater that blended well with the cover. This turtlenecked sweater is long with dramatic arms designed with knitted strings hanging from the wrist of the sweater; that’s the dramatic look I was looking for. and it paired perfectly with my skirt from H&M.

Another two pieces I got from Zara; a super cute structured handbag to add some character and the perfect trench coat for this look. The trench coat for me reflects on the red lettering on the cover that spells out VOGUE. Every piece put together with this look was exciting because of how much it related to the cover. I felt like the trenchcoat is what really brought it all together simply because it added that bold pop of color

this total was under $100! I got Zara at a good time because of all the after holiday sales!

Creativity and being authentic to what inspires you and what you love. That’s what made me want to do something like this.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post and be on the lookout for many more to come. If your inspired or would for me to do more posts on magazine inspirations let me know.



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