So first let me introduce myself.

First and foremost welcome to loreanstyles. I am flattered to have you visiting my page. I know most of my readers are already aware of who I am, but of course with a new year comes new goals, new opportunities, and new readers! So to my newbies hello and welcome. Let’s take this time and quickly get to know who I am and what I stand for.

My name is Alonia and I created the blog and brand name loreanstyles. I have been a blogger for going on three years now, and I couldn’t be happier. I am Twenty-one years old and my birthday is November 19th. I currently live in the state of New York which is where I gained most of my inspiration to become a fashion blogger. I have a huge heart and I am very VERY in tune with style. I love giving advice, sharing tips, showing you guys awesome places to shop from, and keeping up with the latest looks, trends, and do’s and don’ts. I have dedicated most of my time to blogging. I grew so much and gained so much knowledge about becoming a blogger and just learning about the Fashion industry period. I’ve been writing for about three years now, loreanstyles is the blog you come to when you want to read on style, fashion tips, lifestyle, beauty topic, and checking out the latest fashion trends and looks. I also really enjoy talking about confidence and how to keep yourself balanced, fierce, and happy because what’s good style with no confidence? You have to wear that first. I find a lot of inspiration from a lot of celebrities, bloggers, and some designers. I have down the line created my own sense in style. Whenever I find a style that I like I apply that style to my own personal style and make it work!

My goal this year with my new readers and original readers is to keep you guys engaged and in the loop! Loreanstyles is still growing and still has a lot of work to do. So stick around enjoy my content that I create and put out through this growing process. And I hope you guys enjoy the new year accomplish all your goals and get ready to come along this ride of success with me.

Thank you all for reading today’s post beauties! and stay tune for more.


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Your new favorite fashion/beauty/lifestyle social media influence. I created this site/blog to share my love for the fashion industry and to conquer all that i'm coming for in the business! i want to be able to create , gain , and experience. I hope you guys enjoy my taste in fashion and my taste in lifestyle! let's get on a roll.

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