Cyber Monday (Best Beauty Deals)

Hey there beauties!

This has been a hectic week for me. From all my birthday fun to Thanksgiving and right next to Black Friday! Now here we are and it’s more sales because today is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is like the only Monday I think we all look forward to. If you guys read up on this blog post some more your gonna find yourself hitting some good deals on lots of high-end beauty products and even drugstore beauty links I’m gonna share.

I love shopping for makeup products and skin care products the best around this time. I find the best deals and some are even unbelievable. You have to stay on your toes though because things go quick!

Let’s start with Barneys. One of my favorite High-end shops to shop at when I feel like spending a pretty coin. Usually, I’ll just shop here when they have a huge sale going on. Which calls for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Now with these certain products, you pay the price but receive nice gifts sets with your purchase. So you’re still getting a deal out it. You can either put that gift to use for yourself or set it aside for a Christmas gift!

Amazon has definitely hit a big money scale considering how they sell all different brands of beauty products. I’d there is a certain product that you like and just can’t get ahold of it I always recommend you float right on over to Amazon! They have it all.

These products are some of the go-to products that I can always count on Amazon to have if it’s not available in stores or on that products main site. Such good deals you witness here plus there’s more! These are just some that I enjoy. But whatever you guys are into beauty wise head over and see what they have!


Okay, so I know everyone is probably like hitting up Sephora and going bonkers. Have you guys seen the deals they have right now? When I said that you guys have to stay on your toes when shopping for Cyber Monday Sephora is exactly what I’m talking about. They have blown my mind with the deals. Let’s take a look!

Grabbing a Tarte palette at this deal is definitely worth it. You’re basically getting two eyeshadow palettes for $40 and some change. Sounds good to me!

Everyone is super hype about the Glamglow masks! I recently just tried them this mouth! I absolutely love them! I know they can be a little pricey so getting a nice little bundle for $50 is not bad at all!

Another one of my favorite stores. Nordstrom Rack! I Absolutely love this store. Whenever I want a really good luxury perfume I always gear towards Nordstrom Rack first. I always find good deals!

Last but not least the store I go to on a daily basis for almost everything. Target always has great deals but for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, their deals get even better. I know it’s a tad bit random popping that toothbrush in the picture but I have been dying to get an updated better-looking toothbrush, I just could never see myself spending $100 on a toothbrush, but the price has gone down and I finally own the Philips Sonicare toothbrush and it works wonders! I definitely recommend this to all who have super sensitive teeth like myself. But back to makeup! They have a lot of great deals on makeup bags! Gift sets and lots more. You guys should hurry and make your way to targets website.

Thanks, guys for checking out today’s post! Go get some deals and maybe get some Christmas shopping done early. I hope loreanstyles helped you guys out a little bit with catching the deals! There are a lot more websites with crazy sales, so get shopping!

Chat with you guys Friday!


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