Adding Basics to your wardrobe.

Greetings style babes,

Something that we seem to always forget when shopping or getting our wardrobe together is our basics. What do I mean by basics for your wardrobe?

Clothing that will never go out of style. Basics that you need for plenty of seasons and reasons. I love buying statement pieces, I love clothes that pop and just give me that extra fashion statement that I feel we all need. I think this calls for most of us women. Men tend to usually have all basics in their closet as for women were a little more EXTRA! I learn that you get more out of your money when you shop the correct way. For instants now that it’s winter time and I go shopping I will buy four plain colored turtlenecks. Black, gray, navy, and a creme color.

You can find all your favorite basic tops at stores like Target, Marshals, forever 21, Macy’s, and plenty more other stores. I tend to lean towards the affordable side for my basics, but it also doesn’t hurt to spend good money on them, only because you’ll most likely get better quality. Basically just go by the saying “You get what you pay for”

I’m wearing here one of my favorite turtlenecks. Sleek, modern looking. and gives you that chic look. Surprisingly I purchased this from a store called rainbow here in Buffalo, NY. I’ve heard some bad things about the store only because of how cheap they are and how bad the quality can be. This turtleneck was only $7 but the material has last me a good while for what I paid. I picked up 3 colors considering how inexpensive they were. I grabbed a grey, black, and brown in color. I love these because I can do a lot with them style wise.

Pants: Zara Turtleneck: Rainbow

It’s so fun to tie together outfits that are mixed low to high price wise. You have to be wise but still, have fun when getting dressed! I hope you guys like.

Thank you for checking out today’s post! You guys know I’m always here to serve!!

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