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Recently I was invited by Elle Magazine and hair company PHYTO to their sponsored collaboration event. What a great way to end my Thursday night! Before I get into details on how amazing the event was I would like to tell you guys more about PHYTO.

So this hair company has been around for almost 15 years and is originated from Paris. PHYTO is such a natural and botanical hair company that treats all hair types and all races! Very diverse and I absolutely love that. They have such a genuine team and there’s so much education behind this brand. The creator of PHYTO who lives in Paris is so hands-on with his product and he also has a garden where he takes some ingredients from the plants and creates the products himself.

so many fun products to try! I literally wanted every single product for myself.

PHYTO is also in collaboration with an organization by the name of 1% For The Plant which is a global movement inspiring companies and individuals throughout to support the environment. another amazing thing PHYTO does is donate one percent of all sales to the said organization. So not only is this brand great for your skin and hair health but it’s also good for the environment.

The event its self-was absolutely amazing. We had such a great time. I brought along my best friend and boyfriend with me and they had a fabulous time as well. We all were very infatuated with how well everything was put together and how sweet and welcoming everyone was. We attended the PHYTO event in lower Manhattan in the city of New York. Traffic was a bit wild considering the president was in the city which caused a bit of chaos but we got there on time and we’re actually the first to show up. Which was good because I like to squeeze in as much one on one time when networking and getting to know people. We received gift bags before our exit of the event. They were full of goodies and lots of information on the products.

I really appreciated how much information they informed us on. I also really appreciate ELLE Magazine and Elle Inner circle team for reaching out to influencers into attending this event.

Wanna know what I wore? See more!


Thanks loves for checking out today’s post. and consider yourself some PHYTO products! You wouldn’t be disappointed. See you next post


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