NYFW2018 Runway Favorites

NYFW is still going on and I am in awe of all the amazing work I’ve seen so far. This week let’s hit my most favorite looks and runway fashion thus far!

First I want to jump right into fashion designer Pyer Moss. what an INCREDIBLE show! you guys might think I’m overreacting but this show was magnificent and more so touching. I was blown away by the messages in the designs of the clothing.

Spring 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

the diversity of the skin complexions and the way each model had their own unique look, it moved me a lot. I love when you see fashion on the runway and just instantly get inspired just because of the message it gives you. it’s more than just clothing. 

a shirt reading “Stop calling 911 on the Culture”

Designer Escada is my second runway favorite for fashion week. gathering the working girl vibes and exciting vibrant colors grabbed my attention as soon as I locked my eyes on them.


edgy and chic. Escada gives 80’s modern-day vibes with structured blazer suits and chained belts with a slick back hairstyle. vibrant colors, silk, floral, satin suits, broad shoulder padding, I absolutely love it all. I love bright colors with silk or satin. I feel like it just adds more character and uniqueness.


Designer Tom Ford… Oh, how he has given me chills with this years runway looks. I loved absolutely everything about this year’s designs.


The empowerment I felt with his designs. I just absolutely fell in love. I love every single detail. I feel like he really considered making men and women feel good and sexy in their clothing. I can tell he really focused on making women feel confident and powerful. such a success.  

Tom Ford

Fashion week is still going on and we have so many more shows to still see and so far these are my favorites from the last couple of shows.  I’m super excited to see what’s up for the next couple of days. If you’re active with me on social media then you know that I plan on keeping up with fashion week via social media and through my blog! So stay tuned for more updates especially on my Instagram.

Share with me your favorite looks and designers so far! email me or tag me on Instagram!


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