NYFW; Shopping Advice & Saving

Hat: Zara $5.99 // Blouse: H&M $10 // Jeans: H&M $20

NYFW is slowly approaching and it’s about that time to get your skin right for all that traveling and your wardrobe on point for a week full of fabulous outfits. This is my favorite part of September besides the chilly weather but I love fashion week. You see so many amazing styles, art, sneak peaks of next seasons clothing collections the list can go on. I attended fashion week for two years in a row and was absolutely stunned and in love. I haven’t yet made it to high-end designer shows but that’s okay because I know that’s in the works for me soon. NYFW is not just about high-end fashion designers it’s also about up in coming new designers and some are also based on charities.

So of course when we think of fashion week you think of celebrities and glitz and glam which is true but this is also a huge moment for fashion bloggers. We as bloggers especially myself will take on almost any opportunity to write, style, or even promote fashion shows during this time. Usually, the big time bloggers will get special invites to certain events or even get packages of fabulous clothing to wear to runway shows. So what do you do when you’re a blogger who’s only been doing this for a short amount of time and your not getting all that extra treatment? Well, I have your answer here!

Knowing that I’m still on the rise of becoming a well known and fashionably amazing blogger I know I still have to remain within my budget and be able to afford what I can and this can be overwhelming around fashion week because you want to look the best you can and you want for people to notice you. What I want you guys to know is that you don’t have to kill your pockets on expensive things. You have to play the game smart. Shop smart. Email small companies or fast fashion brands like prettylittlething, forever21, Zara, H&M see if you can work with them and wear their clothes to sponsor! You have to start somewhere and not all of us are able to start with high fashion brands just yet and that’s totally okay. When I attended fashion week last year I wore the clothing line BooHoo and I got so many compliments and pictures! It’s really all in how you spice it up and make the fit good enough to where it looks luxurious on YOU.

Purse: Aldo $25 // Ankle Boots: Boohoo $35

I wanted to inform you guys on this topic because at a point in time I felt like I HAD to spend money on overly priced items and high-end brands just to look good for NYFW and to get noticed, that was not so smart of me because I didn’t have the money to do so at the time. Which of course was a lesson learned for me. The whole point is to just enjoy fashion week and just fashion period. Dress your butt off! high-end clothing or not dress to what makes you feel like the topic of conversation or a thousand bucks! Now don’t get me wrong I’m not against expensive clothing, bags, shoes, purses any of that because I have a few investment pieces of my own and I simply love fashion. but what I am against is spending the money you don’t have on these expensive things. Don’t let fashion make you, YOU be the one to make fashion.

Down below are a list of my personal favorite Fast Fashion clothing brands that are super inexpensive and will have you looking amazing for fashion week! Check them out!








Take this advice and run with it! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and until we meet again!



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