What I Wore;Vacation Edition

Hey, Beauties!

last week I had such a blast spending time with friends and family back home. I went to Barstow, CA for five days and then Las Vegas for about four days. the weather was super hot of course but it was so beautiful and worth all the sunburn. I wanted to share some of the looks that I wore since I got a lot of questions about where and how much I purchased everything from!

Dress// Zara $10.00 Shoes// H&M $12 Glasses// H&M $3.00
Dress// H&M $15 Heels// Barney’s New York Belt// Gucci
Dress// H&M $20 Shoes// Zara $10 Purse// Zara $15
Bottoms// Forever21 $24.99 Bodysuit// Zara $19.00

Now, these aren’t all of my looks that I wore but they are my most favorite. with the way the weather can be on the west coast so hot you have to really pay attention to what your wearing fabrics on your clothing are important!! so, for instance, the t-shirt dress that I wore in the first picture is 100 percent cotton. it is also very loose and allows a good breeze to come through.

I also, of course, got each one of these outfits for such great deals! now I know I have two high-end fashion items but remember it doesn’t hurt to splurge every once in a while, and these two pieces I can wear all year round, so it’s like an investment! I felt so good on this trip and now to sound cocky but I felt good because I looked good! Let’s just keep it real when you look you look your best you feel your best. I dressed up more when I was in Vegas because that was more so like a vacation with myself and boyfriend.

which look would you say is your favorite? and what are your go-to styles when you are on vacation or just traveling in general? share with me ladies and gents I’d love to know!

Thank you beauties for checking out today’s blog post I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to come back to you all Friday for another post!

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