The Catch-Up with loreanstyles

Hey Beauties,

Dress; Zara// Heels; Forever21// Watch; Fossil// Glasses; Forever21

Perfume mini-sized ‘PRADA’

It’s so refreshing getting back in the hang of things. if you guys haven’t noticed I’ve been a little MIA for a while from loreanstyles and just social media period. I know it’s been a minute but I finally feel recharged again and full of motivation and energy. I have been taking care of things in my life more on a personal level, but just getting things situated for my blog and I guess you can say just gathering my thoughts on what I want to actually make pursue in life as a career. I never really gave you guys a quick rundown on who the girl behind loreanstyles is. I live in Buffalo, NY and I’m originally from Barstow, California I’ve lived in Buffalo for about 7 years now. I am 20 years old and I’m a young lady who is beyond obsessed with fashion. I get so excited about creating new blog posts to share with you guys and sharing new content period. I sometimes get overwhelmed with this whole fashion thing because unfortunately, I’m a perfectionist. so sometimes I overwork myself and then shut down.

by me creating this blog it wasn’t because I was bored and thought it would just be fun or something to do, I already knew I would enjoy doing this and that’s because I knew exactly what I planned on talking about on here and why I created it. living in a world full of fashion bloggers it can be tough you have so many people trying to prove something and fight for a “spot” in the industry. where I just want to create and inspire. I’m always thinking of new ways I can inspire the readers that I do have, and when I’m shopping or looking at new outfits to post or new styles to create I always think of three things which are Vogue Magazine, My creativity, and my readers. those three things inspire me so much. Its who loreanstyles actually is. I love this stuff and it will never get old to me. being so young you can easily stress yourself out when it comes to thinking about your future or just life in general. all we know is that we want to succeed right? I just hope that once I succeed in getting my dream job with working for Vogue not only will I feel successful but I will also feel accomplished because I’ll be able to inspire even more people that want to work in the fashion industry and younger women like myself.

Loreanstyles has so much in store for you guys! and I have also teamed up with some good Friends of mine to create something really exciting. so make sure you guys are following me on my social media to stay up to date on that. FashionChitChatFridays are back in motion and will still be posted every Friday following with beauty posts every other Monday.

So go ahead a make sure you’re saving your Friday’s for loreanstyles and eye-catching outfits! Thanks for checking out today’s blog post and much love to all my readers!


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Your new favorite fashion/beauty/lifestyle social media influence. I created this site/blog to share my love for the fashion industry and to conquer all that i'm coming for in the business! i want to be able to create , gain , and experience. I hope you guys enjoy my taste in fashion and my taste in lifestyle! let's get on a roll.

One thought on “The Catch-Up with loreanstyles

  1. Such a pleasure to see you back and working on your passion. Thanks for the backstory really nice to see the woman behind the fashion. Can’t wait for the new updates on the blog and what you have in store for your readers. Much love!!!

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