Vacation where you stay!

Hey, Beauties!

I’m so pumped to be back with another blog post to share with you guys! I recently went on a little unwind time vacation for a while. Now, of course, you would think I went somewhere exciting but I didn’t… I actually stayed right here where I live in Buffalo, NY.

Have you guys ever heard of a going on vacation where you stay? Basically, I went downtown and relaxed for the weekend. I stayed at a beautiful hotel here and just made myself forget I was even in Buffalo. I wanted to be full of peace and quiet. It’s honestly such a healthy thing to do. Giving yourself that time to relax is so important. Everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in a while. Always know that it is okay.

So I wanted to share with you guys what exact hotel I stayed at. I stayed at the Pearl Lofts which are of course located here in Buffalo, NY. This hotel is definitely not your average type of hotel. and I say that because of how beautiful and homey the rooms are! They are created to be made like an upscale loft apartment.. and the awesome part is that they used to be apartments at a point in time. So all the space you have is unbelievable. You can really make your self-feel at home and with the location being downtown, it just gives you the city vibes!

The kitchen was full of space and you had an entire kitchen with appliances all to yourself. Even the updated model with stainless steel and marble countertops. [I’m a bit of an interior freak] I’m so picky about where I stay when staying in a hotel because of course, you would want to feel like your at home right? That’s the exact feel you get here at the Pearl Lofts!

I got a little creative and decided to give myself a little spa treatment during my stay. Another reason why I love this spot because the bathroom was amazing. A wide bathtub with so much room. I know you guys might think I’m honestly insane for going this hard about this hotel but honestly, I love when I feel welcomed and relaxed at a hotel.

Side note: I used the Sephora cucumber eye mask after using my Masque B A R gold foil face mask. Great to purchase for that perfect spa feel!

Very cozy.

I spent 2 days for my stay and was greatly appreciated. I’m so glad I partnered with the Pearl Lofts to show you guys what an amazing stay I had. I’m thinking about going again just for another relaxed stay. If your in the Buffalo, NY area you should totally check them out and if you already live here then give yourself a break and book a night or two!

Thanks for checking out today’s blog posts loves and I hope to hear some great feedback! also if you decided to stay at the Pearl Lofts send me DM’s on Instagram or even comment down on the comment section to let me know how you enjoyed your stay! I would love to know.



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