A Woman Who’s True About Her Fashion

Hey, style babes!

Happy fashion chitchat Friday. So by the title of today’s blog post, you may be wondering what I plan on chatting with you guys about. I want to get into the topic of a woman being true about her fashion, Its 2018 and fashion is evolving like no other. we have so many new designers, stylist, creatives, influences all jumping out the bag at once and it’s getting super competitive.

So what do you do when you have so much to offer to the industry but you feel like you can’t show it because you are afraid you won’t “fit in” with the new crowd or your afraid that your style or content won’t be Instagram worthy. These are thoughts that a lot of us pursuing to make our way to the fashion industry may think about. but I want to teach you guys what I’m currently teaching myself. Growing up in the fashion world is not easy. is it a lot of fun? yes, but it has its bumps and bruises. So what does it take? it takes a woman who’s true about her fashion.

A woman who is true about her fashion lets nothing get in her way. it wouldn’t matter what it is. it does not matter. when you know you’re a fabulous stylist, fashion writer, designer, etc. your not gonna let anything stop you. A woman who’s true about her fashion walks with confidence (even on her dress down days) she holds her head high. even if she’s not yet the trending topic in fashion she will work her way to the top. What I don’t think a lot of people understand is that working in this business and becoming successful its simply a lot of work that you have to put in but when you have a passion so real for it, its gonna work out and your gonna have what it takes. I look up to so many women that have marked their territory. like Issa Rae, Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, Rhianna, Solange, Nicki Minaj, Tracee Ellis Ross, Cher, and more! these women marked their territory and have made fashion more powerful than it already is.

I know today’s topic is not your regular FCF but there’s so much more to fashion that I wanted to share with you guys. it’s not just about style it’s about art, feelings, creativity, and most importantly PASSION.  having your own style is very important as well. a true fashionista can spot fake confidence from a mile away. never ever wear things that your not comfortable in just because you see everyone else wearing it. that’s not being true to yourself and others who may look up to you. you have to find your own light that’ll make you shine.

Be true to yourself, hold our own, mark your territory, stay confident, and know your worth because that’s what makes a woman who is true about her fashion!


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