Expsoing Colors

Hey, style babes!

I’m so happy to finally get back with you guys for more fashion chit chats! You know I can go on and on so let’s start chatting!

So for today’s blog post, I want to talk about colors and putting them together with certain looks. we are in 2018 and I would say that clothing and people’s style has evolved so much and everyone has their own excitement about what they wear. For year’s I was always that girl who lived for enjoying the way others dressed and I would just admire! because I was always so afraid to come out of my fashionista shell due to what others would think of me. So basically I was that girl who thought everything had to match from your shirt to your pants and from your pants to your shoes. When it should never be that way! Especially when it comes to loving fashion as much as I do. I now love switching up my colors and finally exposing those colors out of my closet and having fun piecing different outfits together! Check out some pictures down below to get the vision.

So here I have a soft light blue shirt with a burnt orange pant and baby pink heels! Before I would’ve never thought to actually wear colors like this together but you can! It’s all about how you put it together and dress it.

You have to be confident with your style and yourself when your piecing them together. I noticed that confidence is that one thing never want to loose. Especially in fashion. I was also really inspired from Instyle Magazines 2018 April issue. Which was all about spring and looking on the bright side! I also purchased this outfit on a budget! My button down was only $10 and my pants were $20 both from H&M I purchased my shoes from Forever 21 at the cost of only $9!!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blogpost! Hopefully your a tad bit inspired to go in your closet and pull out those fun pieces to have fun with! Make your spring/summer outfits a fun part of your day!