Olay Products for glowing skin?

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skincare and lavishing skin all 2018 and many more

So to quickly start off, if you guys have me on social media then you know that about a week ago I recently attended Beautycon in New York. when in attendance we received a HUGE beauty gift bag. I mean it was literally filled with so many amazing beauty brands from Anastasia, Covergirl, Maybelline, and more. Now clearly I was head over hills for the makeup, but! the skincare products are what I was really interested in. One of the skincare products that I received were the new ‘Whip’ Olay moisturizers and I am a huge fan of Olay products. super inexpensive and just such a good brand to use that’s not harsh or harmful on the skin, plus its been around for years.

Olay coming out with this new whip moisturizer is literally heaven sent. I have been using it day and night and it leaves such good feel of change in the skin. it’s very lightweight and smells super fresh. so there are two different types of the moisturizer. One is the Luminous Whip and then I also have Total Effects whip. The Luminous Whip is the main reason that I feel this new product is perfect for a summer use to get that natural fresh glow. Total Effects helps more with fixing fine lines, minimizing the pores, and reducing dark spots. both have SPF 25 and you know that’s perfect to have SPF in your moisturizer.

Olay Luminous Whip Face

  • This one is my most favorite! so the luminous is like your all around for a cool glow feeling. it is honestly the best. its super hydrating and helps even out your skin tone.

Olay Total Effects Whip Face

  • This product is best for those whose skin is battling with any discoloration or even acne dark spots. I feel like this is a good moisturizer to use more at night time after a good cleanse and after the use of a really good face mask. it’s also perfect for those who want to work on any unwanted wrinkles.

there are more options for the creams on the Olay website and in stores. what I’ll do is link the other options of the Whip moisturizers down below. I hope you guy enjoyed today’s post and if you have not tried any Olay products I suggest you give them a try. If you have sensitive skin and might be afraid of trying other products Olay is that one skincare that you safe with because it’s so gentle and it also caters to sensitive skin. Have a Beautiful Monday loves!




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