Target Sample Boxes??

Hello, beauties!

Are we all still alive after that amazing concert Beyonce a.k.a Queen B served at Coachella yesterday? only asking because I think I died at least three times. [laughs].

So, paying attention to the topic of today’s blog post, we’re talking about targets “new” sample beauty boxes they have. now I am not sure if I’m late on this but I recently took a trip to target for new beauty products and noticed these sample boxes that retail for only $ 7.00, okay that’s nuts! what a good deal. normally you would think sample boxes are only sold online and you have to go through subscriptions in order to receive these boxes. but of course, target has us covered. there are more options online for the boxes so if you want more choices I’ll leave the link at the end so you guys can see the other options shown online. so with these samples being so cheap obviously I had no choice but to pick up all three that were available in the store and I really think this is all worth the $7 your spending on each one. you get a great quantity in each box and some of the items itself could be worth the price of just one sample box. but enough of the chatter, check out below what I got in each box!

Box 1. Be You(tiful)

Box 2. All The Mask

*The Mask box is personally my favorite. you can never go wrong with having extra masks in your beauty collection! and I have never tried any of these here so I’m super excited to try them out!

Box 3. Wake up and Makeup

I couldn’t help but share this with you guys. so if its new news to you then hurry and get your hands on them before they sell out. there’s already two that I want but have to make because they’re sold out already.

I would love to keep you guys updated on some of these products so make sure you’re connected with me on my social media. until next time, beauties!





Xo, beauties

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