Hello, beauties! would you guys believe me if I said I was actually dreading for this Friday to come?  yeah so real. but I hope you all have started your day with a positive and healthy mood. today’s post I want to talk to you all about fashionably balling on a budget. the right way. so you know the drill! let’s get to it!

So with the way fashion is now, this does not seem possible! I mean from left to right you have the hottest Gucci bags coming out, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alexander wang, off-white, heck even rhiannas Fenty puma line! unfortunately, some people just can’t afford this stuff yet. and here is the thing when I say ‘can’t afford’ that does not always mean you’re broke sometimes people have the money but spend it on the wrong things at the wrong time and not have any money left over for what they really needed. Like for instance, I am no SAINT in this [laughs] I have my fair share of spending money on overly expensive purchases or the newest designer bag in a heartbeat! I mean I’m a fashion freak I love this stuff [laughs] but it is always good to calm yourself and remember that its okay to look good on a budget especially us young ladies.  I’m 20 years old and I work and go to school. I don’t always have the time or funds to spend so much money on certain things. do I like nice things? yes probably too much, but I know when to sometimes just put it down and wait until the important things are done. I know its hard because you see people on Instagram living life and buying all these glamours nice things BUT you don’t know how hard they might have had to work to get those things. just because someone on Instagram has a Gucci bag, that doesn’t mean you go brake your bank and buy one too. if you cant afford it try not to buy it. so that brings us into shopping while trying to “ball on a budget” you guys there are SO many websites now that have all the trendy pieces you want. I am a HUGE shopper with Boohoo (if you don’t know) its a clothing store and it carries the cutest clothes for the best prices and they’re always having a sale. they have the cutest clothes and they keep up with style. I also enjoy their website because some of their clothes are pretty good quality.  I’m gonna list some amazing inexpensive online clothing stores for you guys down below.


also if you guys are wondering about some of these sites I have other blog posts that you can check out once you go back to my main page that I did regarding some of these websites! and if you guys know of any other online clothing stores that I didn’t list comment them down below so I can check them out!

So basically you guys I just wanted to share this, if you can’t buy it yet don’t rush it! don’t try and keep up with the Jones when you’re not even on their scale yet.

Thank you guys so much for checking out today’s post! I hope you guys have an amazing Friday! shop smart ladies.

Xo, loreanstyles

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