Fashion Chit Chat Friday

Hey, Beauties

so Fridays are getting even better especially with my new Fashion Chit Chat Friday blog post for you guys. Today’s post is about 4 ladies who inspire me to be more vibrant and chic with my style. I’m excited to share with you guys. I don’t know if it is just me but seeing vibrant colors and outfits are always so inspiring to me. Especially around this time of the year with spring being here, it is like a prep to get ready for the summer. So let us get to it, so you guys can see how well these ladies apply their vibrant and chic style.

So lets start with miss Tracee Ellis Ross. This woman is someone who inspires me and makes me feel powerful. let me tell you why, whenever you go on her Instagram you never get the idea of it being boring or same old same old right? because I never do!! she holds such a lady like a persona. I say if you ask me Tracee is the queen of being vibrant and modern chic. like for instance, I would’ve never thought to pair certain things together like she does. This is how you come through with a perfect outfit.

outfit & bag by designer Proenza Schouler ;  Shoes from Olgan Paris


Okay so one thing about me is that I never can get bored with a nice suit but you wanna know what makes wearing a suit fun? monochromatic suits. I love a good colorful suit. and I really like how Tracee pulled this look together adding the boots and a sleek bun.

cobalt suit from ;  Boots from designer Gucci ;  Sweater from Jil Sander


You guys this here I absolutely LOVE. This picture makes me say to myself “details matter” and that’s because with her adding just the fur jacket and those gorgeous earrings it made the entire look pop! I mean of course she would still look fantastic with just the dress and her wet hair look, but these two pieces were the icing on the cake.

captured by BrianBowenSmith


Kahlanna Barfield Brown

I have been upgrading my closet and style for like forever and you wanna know why….because of this girl right here! Kahlanna has the style of a ‘cool girl’ you know like the girl in high school that everyone loves and everyone wants to be like. she shows so many different ways to make a look ‘A look’ and her signature red lip and I hope she never retires because that is literally her everyday look and surprisingly it goes with almost every outfit she wears! I always go to her Instagram or even check out her youtube videos for some style inspiration. I look up to her actually in so many different ways, her career choice in the fashion industry is something that I want to obtain in the future! (a little fun fact) 

Jeans from designer Vetements ;  Top from YSL  ;  shoes from Burberry


By all means, ask me what my favorite look is from her and I will scream and shout this look right here. you guys when I saw her wearing this outfit on Instagram I nearly died. I’m all for an oversized look and I’m all for a nice suit. so I you pair that together I’m sure you get the idea. only thing I would change is wearing a top under the blazer I’d probably go bra-less under the blazer. but I mean this looks fantastic on her.

Oversized Suit from CreaturesOfComfort ;  Bag from Chanel


whenever I scroll past this look on her Instagram (because yes I’m on her Instagram that much) I always call this look the ‘Cozy babe’ because she looks so well put together and so comfortable.

Sacai Designer


Tiffany Reid

if you guys have ever watched the show ‘So Cosmo’ on E! then you should know who this gorgeous babe is. She is also the Senior Fashion Editor for one of my favorite magazines Cosmopolitan. I love Tiffany’s style. whenever I would watch so comso I would always think to myself  “this girl is really killing each episode with every outfit” One thing I love about Tiffany is that she keeps it very classy. and she knows how to tone the colors of her outfits together.

denim jacket from Tanya Taylor ;  Shoes from Alexandre Birman ;  Purse from Elena Ghisellini


I love the details on the jean jacket she’s wearing and how she paired it with lace floral skirt. very chic.

denim jacket Rebecca Taylor ;  skirt from Sacai ;  Shoes from Alberta Ferretti


I automatically get matrix vibes from this look. it has to be the glasses and the leather trench coat. my gosh, I love this!! she looks so good here sometimes a look like this can set you for day and night. depends more on the scenery of where you are.

Glasses from Versace ;  Trench Coat from Fendi ;  Boots from Christian Louboutin


Gabrielle Union

Not only does Gabrielle Union bring it on in movies but she also brings it on in fashion too! Gabrielle caught my eye for sure when she wore this dress by Valentino to the spirit awards party in Beverly Hills, California. this dress is jaw-dropping on her. it compliments everything on her. I would say that this is definitely vibrant on her. she looks beautiful and Valentino did the thing putting this dress together.


The thing about Gabrielle Union is that she can wear the most simple outfits and make them look like a million bucks! let me tell you guys something. you can throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but once you add that one statement piece your set! I mean hey use gab as an example!

Top & Pants are from Gabrielle’s collection at New York & Company ;  Purse from Brother Vellies


I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post. I also hope you guys end up loving these ladies style as much as I do! I will be recreating some of these ladies look soon and I will share that with you guys as well. comment and let me know who is your current favorite fashionistas in the industry or just in general! I would love to know. Have beautiful day guys and thanks for reading!


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