Fashion Chit Chat Friday

Hello and Good morning loves. It is finally Friday and I’m loaded with work but its all good(these days go by to fast for me to even catch up). I hope you guys are starting your day off right, and if you started it by reading today’s blog post then your off on the right track!

So as you may see what the title is of today’s post , we are dedicating our Fridays on here to having some good fashion chit chat! and I’m such a fashion fanatic so its only right. I have two topics I’m gonna be talking with you guys about. Topic one which is about ‘Donatella getting ready to stop her Versace collections from having real fur’ and topic two is about ‘ serving spring with bold colors and statement pieces’ pretty fun things to  chat about so grab your coffee or tea and lets get it in!

Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace

Donatella is one of my favorite woman designers and business owners , this lady is just pure fabulous. I honestly can’t wait until the day that I’m able to go inside the Versace store and go crazy with all my coins {laughs} – when doing a interview with 1843 magazine Donatella recently announced that Versace will no longer be working with using ‘real animal fur in its new coming up collections moving forward. she states that “It doesn’t feel right to kill animals to make fashion”. now Versace is not the only high end fashion brand that made a decision like this. Stella McCartney , Kate spade , Armani , Calvin Klein , and more have been fur free for awhile now. my opinion on it , I totally agree. I love fashion more then almost anything , but I cannot see myself killing a animal just to have a ‘look’ I think its selfish and cruel. no animal should have to go through that. considering they already go through a lot. If your curious – Versace still has ‘real fur’ items being sold as of right now which are from past collections of course, but it will not be for long. so if your someone who just so happens to naturally prefer real fur from Versace then….. I suggests you start shopping now and get it while you can.

With spring being right around the corner. I wanna talk about Spring fashion a little bit. I love this season. but I feel like when it comes to spring I personally don’t see many cute outfits around that time ( maybe its just in my area) but i never get excited to wear cute outfits around this time which is so weird to me! but were gonna change that. over the last couple of weeks I have already been preparing my closet and some of those saved items in my shopping carts online for spring weather and outfits. I’ve decided that for this years spring season bold colors and statement pieces need to be the thing . and I mean like BOLD. I already have a few items that I purchased that are very loud yet simple and chic (I’ll do a blog post on that soon) . I was inspired to go for more statement looks by a couple of style and celebrity influencers like Shiona Turini, Kahlana Barfeild, Aimee Song, and beyonce (she’s been on stuff lately and inspired the hell out of me). These four ladies in my opinion know how to go off! I love their style , I love how they will literally wear a fur coat (faux fur perhaps) to a brunch setup. that’s probably more likely of shiona to do because my girl is extra! and I love it. every time I need inspiration for a good look to wear i head over to their Instagram pages to see whats hot and if i could rock it.

Shiona Turini
Kahlana Barfeild
Aimee Song
Beyonce aka The “Queen”

these ladies , they prove to me that being YOURSELF is an all time key to success. I just had to throw that in there! and the look beyonce is wearing I’ve been plotting on recreating this look so we’ll see!

I really want to know how you guys feel about Donatella deciding to cut real fur out for good? do you guys think its a good idea for the brand? and do you guys think this will cost them a drop in the cash they bring in? tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment down in the comment section and also make sure you guys are following me on Instagram I’ll leave a link for you guys!

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