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Happy Monday and I hope your all having a fantastic day so far and please……drink as much coffee as you need , because I’ll be doing the same.

So as us being human most of us that our into fashion love to surround ourselves with well dressed people right? because I know I do! I think its always important to have friends with different style that you can learn from. Its cool because you can get creative with your own style just from learning from someone else. So today I featured my good friend Matty here on the blog with an interview of me asking her questions about her style. before you guys read the interview check out these quick tips down below here! 

For those of you that want to be in the fashion industry , or just like fashion in general NEVER BE AFRAID TO

  1. Compliment someone on what their wearing. Its always good to put yourself out there in a positive way, if you really like that persons style then tell them , or simply compliment them!
  2. Always take advice from those who dress well (of course only if its good advice)
  3. Never think your “too good” to tell someone where you purchased something from if they ever ask. obviously if the person is asking where you bought it from they like it! so take that as a compliment.
  4. If your a style influence , make sure you always give the details on what your wearing and HOW your wearing it. DETAILS MATTER PEOPLE!

Okay loves! I hope those little 4 Tips were helpful!

Now please enjoy the interview I did with my fabulous good friend Matty!


Have you ever been asked to be featured on anyone’s fashion blog?

Matty: You are the first person who has ever wanted to feature me on their blog, so yes! But it’s funny because two days later, my friend who is a blogger in NYC also asked me to be featured on her blog.

 Whats the most expensive item you own in your closet?

Matty: It’s either my Prada 6 key ring holder that I’ve been wanting since i saw Claire Marshall (heyclaire on YT) had it. Or it’s either my Prada sunglasses that I purchased on an impulse. (They were 40% off!)

What’s your staple clothing item?

Matty: You can never have too many jackets. If anyone tells you, “you have so many jackets, do you really need another one?!” Dump them, you don’t need that toxic behavior sis!

So I totally love your style; and I’m all about a chic look. what would you consider as a “chic” look for yourself?

Matty: Less is more. Don’t overdo the statements; if the statement pieces aren’t being cohesive with each other then one has to go!

What made you realize how much you actually enjoy fashion?

Matty: Ever since I came out of the womb. Fashion and styling has always been a natural gift of me ever since I was little. My mom stopped dressing me when I was 7, and i started dressing myself ever since!

What’s your definite go-to look?

Matty: All black baby! Whenever I’m in a rut, i just throw on all black and play with variation of fabrics. You’d be surprised on how cute you look. Give it a try!

What are your fashion do’s and don’t s?

Matty: DO wear your clothes with confidence but

DON’T wear something you’re not comfortable/confident in.

DO wear whatever you want to that day but DON’T come out of the house looking a mess! I always say “if I’m feeling really ugly, I’m running to TOPS but if I’m feeling cute, I’m running to Wegmans”

This is for men: DO wear black and navy together but god forbid DO NOT wear an ill fitting suit! There is nothing more awful that that.

DO wear sexy clothing when you’re going out to the bars/club but DO NOT, DO NOT wear an open toe bootie with your sexy outfit. Go back in the house, and grab those painful black heels. Here’s a tip: * tape your third and fourth toes together to because there’s a nerve that splits which causes the ball of your foot to ache. Thank me later!

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Matty: Would it be weird to say that i don’t have a favorite fashion designer? Because I truly don’t.

Has anyone at your job ever asked you to personally style them?

Matty: Yes but most of the time, I always offer it. I’ll see something I think they may like and I start blabbing outfits for different occasions. I’m pretty persuasive 😉


Naomi Campell OR Tyra Banks? (please allow yourself to take sometime to answer this question) {laughs}

Matty: Naomi Campbell. Hands down.

How do you feel about trends?

Matty: I love trends but the one think i do like about high street and fast fashion is that, this gives you the ability to give the trends trial and error! I didn’t want to splurge on the Gucci mules, so i bought the Steve Madden dupes. But because i wear my Steve Madden mules SO much, I’m saving to invest into the Gucci loafers.

You have such amazing confidence. what is your advice for us girls who have their blue days?

Matty: I’ve always had terrible confidence growing up, so it took me forever to get me where i am now. What i do is: look in the mirror, smile with my eyes, do a quick hair flip, and be like “I am that fucking bitch.”

I just have to ask , What is your skincare routine? you have such flawless skin!

Matty: My skincare routine is so basic and plain. So don’t expect anything too extravagant! I wash my face one a day, sometimes two if I’m going to be wear make up with  African black soap. Sometimes I’ll use my Clarisonic (if it’s charged) for a deeper cleanse. I exfoliate with the Peter Thomas Roth gel peel exfoliant twice a week. One is usually before i put on make up so i have a smooth canvas to work on!

Afterwards, I tone my face with witch hazel to make sure I have cleared out all of the toxins and junk. Then I moisturize with a face oil. Because my skin is combination oily, the face oil tricks my skin so that way my body doesn’t overproduce oil.

If I’m doing a face mask, it’s always with the Indian Healing Clay and it’s mixed with apple cider vinegar. God, it smells so foul but it does wonders to the skin.

**if you’re applying moisturizer and you feel like your face is super tight and really itchy, you may have more than likely broken through your skin barrier! This girl on YouTube, Asia Jackson, has an entire video on skin barriers!

**drink water. Water will detoxify your body! Add some lemon in your water for some extra health benefit. I have the Camelbak in the 32OZ. Don’t drink too much water because you can actually internally drown yourself. I read somewhere, to drink HALF your body weight in ounces. So if you’re 180 lbs, you’re supposed to be drinking 90oz of water a day

Make sure you guys follow Matty on her social medias so you can keep up with her Kick Ass confidence and fierce style!

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I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post! and just to get a kick start to your Monday make sure that you believe that you can do anything and ALWAYS stay confident. love you guys and chat with you all next blog post!!

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Xoxo , loreanstyles


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