Inexpensive Shoe Haul

Hey guys , Happy Sunday!

So you guys I have been blogging for a minute now and you know it wouldn’t be normal if I don’t give you guys a quick shoe haul on here right? Exactly what I thought. So i wanna show you guys my current favorite shoe companies. right now my top favorite online stores that sell super cute heels are Ego official, Simmi shoes, and Boohoo. I am totally obsessing over Ego Official because this one particular I purchased more shoes from (They have such good sales) and I just fall head over hills when I’m on their website. I also bought a pair of shoes from Boohoo and a pair from Simmi shoes which I will show you guys down below.

Okay so first lets check out the heels from Ego Official :

Quick side note – The fourth pair are literally my absolute fav! You guys this shoe kills an outfit!

each pair of these shoes I love a lot! they all have their own personal statement to them and that’s why I picked these four!

Now let’s check out my pair from Simmi shoes :

Now you guys!!! These here! I love the MESS out of them! They are so sexy and honestly make me feel like a grown woman [laughs] I know white toe nail polish is like super cliche now, but white toes with these bad boys are perfect! So get to painting!

Last but not least my loves lets talk about my super cute heeled boots from Boohoo:

Ladies! PSA: You can never go wrong with a pair of classic all black heeled boots. They are so comfy and on top of that they literally can go with anything. I wore these in New York and they last a good while without hurting your feet so you know that’s a plus for me!

Here is a picture of an outfit I threw together with a pair of my shoes from Ego Official considering that their my favorites

once again , I’m sure you guys now get the picture of why these are the! I literally threw on a sweater, a pair of jeans, and my blazer.  yes the outfit was cute of course , but once I put these on it brought the look to a whole other level. literally my favorite statement heels.

Thanks guys so much for stopping my page, I really enjoy sharing fun looks with you all! and I have even more super exciting post coming soon. so make sure you guys keep up to date and stay on task with keeping up with loreanstyles!

-Xoxo , loreanstyles

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