Hello my loves!

What a busy week it has been for me. I am super excited to finally chill out a bit and spill some excitement on here with you guys it has been entirely to long. so lets get to it!

As most of you may know, I recently attended NYFW “New York Fashion Week” and honestly it was amazing. This was my first time ever getting the chance to experience this. so I felt very blessed. when I found out that I was able to attend nyfw I got invited to three shows and out of those three shows one of them were an actual job for me in other words an internship! (yes very exciting , but yet nerve wrecking)

I got the chance to intern for Swank Deco which is a charity fashion show organization based in the cities of New York, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, and Detroit. for the internship princess which is who was in charge of giving me my job decided for me to be chosen as  the “Interviewer” and my job was to interview all models, designers, hair stylist, and makeup artist. it was pretty hectic but honestly amazing! The best part of it all was interacting with all the amazing people there. Princess was very helpful with it all and hopefully she’s reading this because that women is one hard worker! (So thank you princess if your reading this!) I never realized how busy and fast paced everything can be when your doing a lot of working backstage. it definitely requires a lot of patients.

Lets get to the fun part shall we??

Okay so during my entire experience at this internship I was able to grasp lots of amazing pictures of the models, designers, and some hair and makeup artist. check it out below.



Everyone at this event looked beautiful. some of the models were little young ones and they were the absolute fierce must I say.  I’m very happy I got the chance to experience such a great opportunity. the energy was amazing. unfortunately I could not stay for the actual fashion show because I had to attend another show, but I’m glad that I was able to interview everyone! and before we close it here I just wanted to give you guys a quick five tips on how to stay confident when interviewing others

  • Always look the person in the eyes. I know it may sound weird but this lets them know that your serious and that you are very well interested in their answers.
  • never ask a long question. basically when interviewing someone you always want to keep it short and sweet, especially when your in such a fast paced environment and everyone is on the go.
  • throw some excitement in the questions you ask. I know if it were me i would hate a dull interviewer. so always try and ask some fun questions!
  • don’t overthink. one thing i now for sure is that i overthink like crazy and when you overthink something especially during an interview you tend to freeze for a moment. so just relax and ask what you genuinely want to know.
  • And last but not least in the fashion industry its never a good interview if you don’t ask what their wearing! especially at a fashion show. always make sure you start or even end the interview with a “you look amazing! , please tell me what your wearing tonight/today” I feel like sometimes that breaks the ice!

I’m no pro but these definitely worked for me!

Thank you loves so much for checking out today’s post! I’m very happy to be sharing my awesome experiences with you guys and more! always remember ‘anything is possible if you put your mind to it’

xoxo, loreanstyles

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