2018 Sephora Pick ups

Hello loves!

well well well…… Can you guys believe we’re already a week into the new year?? So crazy right. I’m hoping you guys are starting out healthy , happy , and full of passion for your dreams! One of the things I wanted to do this new year is upgrade my makeup and serve more “face” if that makes sense [laughs] I’m really into makeup and having nice glowing skin. So I thought it would be nice to upgrade my foundation and eyeshadow!

I have been eyeing a certain foundation for the longest and it was just one of those situations where in your head your like “hmm should I really spend that much on foundation?” annnd I did… I purchased the Marc Jacobs full coverage foundation in the shade ‘cocoa light’ number 82 . Honestly guys I have read so many reviews and watched so many videos specifically on this foundation and they were all positive! I love Marc Jacobs brand period. His foundation in my opinion is worth the money.

I also purchased the Huda Beauty mini eyeshadow palette with more warm tones. I normally don’t wear eyeshadow but her new makeup line honestly made me change my mind on that. Her shadow is super pigmented and the colors are very rich which is perfect

I also bought a mini “Bite” lip set I thought would be cute to add to my lip collection and I actually never used their lip products before so hopefully I like them! (I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on that)

For a girly girl like me who loves to smell sweet , but still have a strong sensual scent I got a free mini Dolce&Gabbana Eau De Parfum and it smells amazing. I don’t think you guys know this but before I EVER spend lots of money on high end perfumes I like buying the little testers because I need to wear the scent and see how it lingers on me. Basically I need to make sure that I’m wearing the perfume and its NOT wearing me. (We’ll do a blog post on that next time)

Thank you loves so much for checking out today’s post! I have so much in store this year for my blog and I’m gonna be doing so many things , so please stay in tuned with me and be on the look out for more amazing posts!

-Xoxo , Loreanstyles

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