After Christmas deals (H&M)

Hello loves happy Friday.

I hope you guys are having an awesome day and are still in the holiday spirit since New Years will be here very soon!! I wanted to show you guys a couple of new things I picked up from H&M yesterday. I got so many amazing deals. I’m sure you guys know after Christmas a lot of stores have huge sales going on. My favorite stores to go into are Victoria Secret , H&M , Free People , and Macys!

So I decided to go a little crazy at H&M of course – but you know what I love H&M stores so much because they have the best deals and the quality of their clothing is just so amazing to me! I love how I can dress myself the way I want and not have to spend too much of a pretty penny!

So I realized that my in closet I have a lot of bold colors and a lot of Black and Tan. I have a small portion of white clothing and I just needed more. So I decided to pick up a couple of neutral colored tops , its nothing better than having a nice couple of tops you can literally throw with anything when your on the go (but still look good) Check out the links for the prices of the shirts on H&M website! Also I purchased my stuff in the stores and NOT online so if the prices are different online you have to go to the store and they will be cheaper then $20 , since their having a 70% off sale!

Oh my GOSH! you guys this stuff here is like my fav! I love the lace top because I don’t own any lace tops! and I had to pick it up since it was only $7! I also of course needed another pair of denim jeans. H&M is another store that I trust for denim because the last me a good while. This is actually a good look right??? What do you guys think?

I love this bag! It reminds me of a Celine bag! So this is like the perfect little dupe.

I love these earrings and I finally got my hands on them! I don’t know if you guys remember me saying in one of my last blog post but I’ve been really enjoying dramatic earrings lately so I added these to my collection. I also picked up these necklaces that are super cute and dainty. Also of course your accessories are never complete with out some cute classic rings!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blogpost! and thank you guys so much for the commenting and interactions with me! Happy Holidays to you all!

-Xoxo beauties

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