Christmas is slowly approaching and its exciting but also overwhelming. I am seriously the deal finder when the holiday seasons start , only because the deals get better and BETTER! i always get excited for great deals but you wanna know whats better? finding even cheaper deals! I guess you can say i have an eye for aesthetically pleasing things.

I know a lot of people like to do stocking stuffers and sometimes people don’t really know what to put in them! so i’m gonna show you guys some really cute things to throw in for your bestfriend , sister , mom , aunt , or whom ever you may think these girly items would impress! and like i said they are all super cheap BUT are great quality for a gift.

So I bought these super cute brushes and the quality is pretty good for just $5.00 just $5.00!!! That is perfect! and these are the most amazing brushes for anyone who is just getting familiar with the makeup community!

Entire eyeshadow kit for $12 bucks!! And these eyeshadows are pretty pigmented! I’m not a girl who really rocks eyeshadows a lot but if i do these are for sure the colors that i would go for. They look really nice on warm skin tones!

Okay so i’m pretty sure you guys might know by now how crazy i am about my coffee mugs! [laughs] its pretty ridiculous. This one i just could not pass up it was only $4. The marble design is super trendy right now and that’s what i’m here for! I also grabbed this super cute mini faux snake skin wallet for $10. Its so cute just to throw in a stocking for Christmas as a little gift!

I Enjoy giving you guys ideas and helping you guys find good deals! Like I said all these products were bought at target and were all under $15! I think you guys should hurry and get in your local target and pick up some things! Especially if you don’t want to spend big bucks this year (like myself) then you should definitely pick up on whatever cheap deals you can find! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post!

Stay warm and cozy loves


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