Warm Cozy Vibes ft Marshalls Decor

Feeling cozy in my bedroom is something that i’m very big on because of course who doesn’t want to be comfortable in their own bedroom right? My room is my happy place! I feel like everyone has that one spot in their room that’s their favorite part to relax in (besides our beds) but just that one spot that you do everything at! and for me my spot is my corner area right next to my bed!

So this is my little corner area its small but its so relaxing to me. I purchased the stand and the little accessories all from Marshalls. One of the things i enjoy doing is buying cute pieces from stores like Marshalls, Target, TJ Max, and Hobby Lobby. These stores i find the cutest most unique room decor items for such good prices! The deals that i got from Marshalls were amazing! All the stuff i got for my nightstand was all under $60! The nightstand itself was only $24.99!

Marshalls gold flower holder // 7.50

Marshalls Heavy Feather // $6.00

Marshalls Pumpkin spice candle // $5.00 each (I bought two of these) also you guys these candles are amazing!! And they are huge!! I am definitely a “candle junkie” so when I found out these were only $5 i had to get two of them! I would’ve got more!

Marshalls “Coffee” mug // $4.00 and I also had to get this mug because I thought it would be cute just to center on the nightstand.

Its such a nice warm feeling i get from this put together! It makes me feel warm and cozy and happy to get in the house from all this snow!! there is a lot more work i want to do like re-paint the walls but this will do for now!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! hopefully i inspired you guys to maybe go and check out marshalls and pick up a few pieces to add to your favorite spot in your room!

-Xoxo, loves!!

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