Accessories For The Steal (Holiday Sales)

Hey beauties! Happy Wednesday

 So as you guys may know , the month of November and December are the months of deals , deals , and more DEALS. I love doing shopping around this time because i find so many items that i have been eyeing for so long that end up marked down to super cheap prices! my favorite stores to go to are forever21 , Adidas , Free people , Fossil , Guess , Sephora , and H&M.I really enjoy buying accessories like shoes , purses , and jewelry pieces. honestly whats a girl without her fire accessories to make her outfit complete.

So i bought this bag from forever21 and it was on sale for $10!! I absolutely love it and i’ve really been in to the whole “backpack purse” trend! So this was totally a happy buy for me! plus the color is gorgeous.

Okay you guys these Velvet boots i am sooooo obsessed with i can not get over how cute these freaking boots are! They made my outfit pop in so many ways just by the color itself! I purchased these also from forever21 and i believe i got them for about $25 which is not bad at all!

Earrings Earrings Earrings!!!! oh how my heart skips a beat for some cute earrings! I love these looks! I’ve been really into dramatic earrings lately and hopefully this phase doesn’t go away because i’m having lots of fun with it! All of these earrings ran about not more then $10! The lucky brand ones i got offline and they were 40% off!

Diamonds dancing alll night! Omg you guys would not believe how much i got this beautiful watch for! I bought it from the guess store and they were having a huge sale black Friday night , the watch came to $71 with tax and it was originally $250!! How could you not take up on a deal like that! Thats so much extra money saved in my pocket for more cute stuff lol!

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