Sunday Style (Fall Shoe Haul)

Hey Guys and Gals , Happy productive Monday.

This fall weather is getting better and better for me , and for today here in Buffalo its a bit rainy so I have my Pumpkin scone and green tea on the menu for today while I snuggle up! around this time I get very excited for new clothes , new handbags , but the shoes.. oh how i get so excited for those. I personally think around Fall/Winter the best shoes come out. I love the colors , the style , the designs , just everything about a glamorous pair of shoes in this weather I absolutely love! I know some of you guys agree.

So I know if your a frequent visitor/reader here on my blog then I’m pretty sure you know that  is one of my favorite stores online! (I probably spend too much money) I honestly love some of the quality of their clothing but honey their shoes I totally ADORE! their very inexpensive and the quality of the shoes and let alone just the style of some the shoes that you find their , the prices are just perfect! I purchased five pair of  some super cute shoes form there so I want you guys check out what I got here!

I love these , my personal favorites! Their black heels with a unique style on them. I think my favorite part about this shoe are the studs detailed around the front and back of the shoe! These are very chic!

Okay , so I call these my little black go to heels! and the reason why is because i can literally wear these boots dressed up or dressed down! and i love a shoe that gives me that option! Especially if i’m in a hurry and had a rough morning! These are my lifesavers

How could I not give a sassy attitude in these?? Boohoo knew what they were doing when they made these bad boys!! Of course the ‘snake’ look is my fav look for this shoe! Two thumbs up for these babies!

As odd as this may sound , but these shoes make me so ready for thanksgiving!! I love the velvet deep green color! super casual shoes that are so very comfortable! I can wear these all day.

its only right to end this haul with these boots here! When you rock these shoes you have to know how to put them together with your outfit. These are not just a “throw on” shoe at least for me

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post! Here are the links below for some of the shoes that I purchased , the last two pairs were sold out! Go splurge a little and treat yourself , or treat someone else since Christmas is coming up this year!!

(Links to shoes)

Shoe 1 :

Shoe 2 :

Shoe 3 :

-Xoxo beauties

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