Flawless and Full of Business

Happy Sunday loves! I wanted to give you guys a bit of motivation and inspiration today for whatever your passionate about. everyone (well most) know that I am of course VERY passionate about fashion , I’m pretty sure you guys know by now how obsessed i am when it comes to any topic to do with it , especially my loyal readers!

So for a while now I have hidden the fact that I finally have my own business cards for my blog and personal styling! its something that I have wanted to do for a while now and i have accomplished that. I went to New York City last week and attended the RPG show event! (which is a very popular hair and beauty company) and it was phenomenal i literally had such a good time. being at the rpg event i knew that it was the right moment to network especially in a atmosphere like that! and that is exactly what i did. I met really sweet people and some amazing hairstylist of course! I made sure every person there got a hold of my card and made sure that they knew or at least had an idea of what “Loreanstyles” was all about. some of the public figures I gave my cards to were @Ravenelyse , @Anthonycuts , @Vickylogan , Gabby Douglas , and more! it was an eye opener to know such awesome people had my card! and you never know who it can possibly be used by one day! Now this isn’t something as big for others and its definitely not one of my biggest accomplishments but one thing for sure is that its a step closer to getting “Loreanstyles” where she deserves to be. So if your somebody that’s building a brand and your genuinely dedicated to it then go above and beyond for what you know can be yours! Conquer all that you want! I’m in the process of building my brand and i’m also gaining people who pay attention to that hard work that i put in.

If you guys ever want to contact me for business inquires you can always email me at


Thank you loves for checking out today’s post! and remember stay motivated and NEVER give up on what can be yours!

-Xoxo beauties!

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