Sunday Style (Fall Edition)

Hello there my beauties ,

You know for me fashion is never a problem, and i’m always up and ready for a challenge! but would you be surprised if i told you that this weather has had me on the outs with what to wear? Our weather here has been through its random changes from fall to summer and summer to fall and i hate that because i secretly LOVE fall (We’ll save that reasoning for another post!) lol. but i have surprisingly been hassling with what type of super cute outfits to wear for this bipolar weather! and as always i fixed that problem in a hurry. So down below i’m gonna share a couple of super cute looks i put together with you guys and of course the places I purchased them from.


Okay so first of all um hello is this not a super cute look? First let me just give you guys a fun fact! If you go back to a couple of my posts the blazer that I’m wearing is actually a blazer dress that i wore for my birthday. I never thought that i could wear it regularly as just a blazer and it actually came out perfect with this look!

Personally this look is my favorite you guys , simply because its so chic to me! I love the cheetah jacket with the ripped jeans. Honestly in a look like this your ready for a night out or even a day of shopping with friends!

Does this not give you boss business vibes??? Especially the sleeves on the shirt , I seriously love! and that purse was gifted to me and Its the perfect fashion statement.

I hope you guys enjoyed these looks!

-Xoxo beauties

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