Fenty Beauty???

So.. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about the new make up line that Rihanna launched Friday, and somewhat sure almost everyone has gotten their hands on it…BECAUSE I DID! I’m clearly a fan of Rihanna yes , but when it comes to celebs dropping new makeup i’m always skeptical. Usually because they never come out with the right color shades for brown girls (Kim K) Don’t get me wrong i love Kim, but that was not working out for me.

So i decided to give RiRi a go and I went to Sephora and purchased the contour kit which was priced at $54 and her Fenty Glow lipgloss which was only $18.. I guess you can say I was sold! because everything that I have tried is amazing so far! I love her gloss and the contour is just perfect and its so precise.

I give Rihanna her props because she has about 40 shades for all skin types and the colors are very on spot! There is a variety of colors to choose from. Also the prices vary, so its not expensive and the prices are pretty normal if you spend money on makeup a lot.

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post! If you purchased the new Fenty Beauty line go ahead and comment and tell me what you guys think, and how its working out for you!

-XOXO beauties!

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