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Hey there beauties! , summer is coming to an end and fall is even closer then we think! but I have some awesome things I would like to share as far as nice products and good purchases. you know around this time of the year is when we get closer and closer to huge store sales and cheap deals on some of the hottest stuff. as most of my crowd knows , That I am a college student and I am going into my junior year of college so we all know how expensive college can be. when I shop I like to of course keep up with my nice clothing and makeup brands , but sometimes It can be a hassle because of how freaking expensive they can be. I like to find the best deals out there possible! I purchased a couple of items over the week that I want to share with you guys just so you can get a glimpse of how you can of course get high priced items at a reasonable offer!

So first of course i want to start off with makeup! I purchased Lancôme foundation and their highlight (that i am currently obsessing over) the foundation is super light and gives me such a flawless finish and as far as the highlight it leaves my face beaming with shine so i honestly love the product.

I paid $45 for the foundation and about $35 for the highlight! So my total came to about $87 with tax, BUT it does not stop there because with just these two purchases i received the cutest gift set ever! So Lancôme had a sale where if you spent $45 – $75 or more you can get a super cute makeup bag , eye makeup remover , travel size eyeshadow palette , perfume with the lotion and body wash , moisturizer , eyeliner pencil , and a mascara primer! Thats about 9 items for free that i got just for making those purchases , i think its totally worth it. Especially since Lancôme is a very high end beauty brand and its foundations are one of the #1 sellers! Thats definitely a deal to me!

So i also purchased a few items from H&M and i of course got some really good deals there as well!

from H&M I bought a really cute pair of gold flats with a small heel on them and a really cute pair of glasses! I paid $7 for the shoes SEVEN DOLLARS! and i mean they look like they can go for at least $25-$30 , I also only paid $4 for the glasses and they would actually look super cute with the shoes so i cannot wait to put an outfit together with that! So exciting!

You can never go wrong when it comes to a good deal! especially if its super cute and trendy. Smart college girls always shop on a budget and still can look oh so flawless!

Thanks for checking out todays post my loves and , let me know what stores have some really good deals going on! Lets all shop smart together! Comment down below , and also leave your email so that you can keep up to date with my posts!

-Xoxo beauties


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